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While Taeyeon is still hugging him, Jiyong took that opportunity to . He stares into her eyes, anyhow his heart start to throbbing. Taeyeon saw Jiyong eyes look at her with deep feelings. Then, she saw Jiyong slowly move his head close to her. When their nose touched, Jiyong went to peck on her lips. However, before he could kiss her, Taeyeon suddenly sneezing on his face.

“I’m so sorry…” Taeyeon said apologies after her sneezing.

Jiyong frown and then he reply

“It's okay... I think we should get out from here before you get flu...”

Afterward, Jiyong take her toward the stair and then he helps her out from there. Jiyong went toward the kitchen window and call one of the maid in there to bring them the towel.

“It’s freezing…” Taeyeon said while she sits on the chair.

Jiyong saw her pale face, went to hold her hands and blow it to make her hands warm. The butler comes with the towel and Jiyong immediately get the towel to cover Taeyeon body.

“Take my stuff into room...” Jiyong said before he’s taking Taeyeon into the room.

The butler takes the briefcase and Jiyong shoes before he follow him toward the room.

Inside the room, Jiyong straightly bring Taeyeon into the bathroom. He turns on the heater and then open the shower to make sure the water temperature is warm for her.

“Take the shower... I'll ask the maid to make you warm tea.” Jiyong said.

Taeyeon look at him before she asks

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine…go… take your bath… I’ll wait outside…” Jiyong replied before he walks out.

Jiyong saw the butler put his briefcase on the desk and then he says

“Mr. Tan, could you please make warm tea for Taeyeon? I don't want her to get a fever after getting wet...”

“Sure… what about you? Did you already eat?” The butler asked.

“Yes, I eat before coming back…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

The butler nodded and then he leaves the room.

Jiyong take off his wet clothes, and then he went to take his bathrobe to wear. Then, he went to wipe his wet hair while sitting on the bed. Moment later, he saw Taeyeon coming out from the bathroom with the towel covering her body. Jiyong stunned to see her fair skin and her open shoulder.

“What are you looking at?” Taeyeon asked with uneasy when she notices Jiyong keep staring at her.

“Nothing…” Jiyong said to cover his wild eyes.

Taeyeon frown before she says

“You can use the bathroom now…”

“Sure…” Jiyong replied and then he went into the bathroom in a hurry.

“He's strange...” Taeyeon mutter while walking into the closet room.

Meanwhile, inside the bathroom, Jiyong have difficulty to calm down himself after seeing his wife half-. He took a deep breath before he went under the shower.




After he finishes with his bath, Jiyong went to find Taeyeon on the couch. He saw she's already drank the tea, but he saw she's stuff a tissue into her nose to stop her snot from flowing.

“Did you get flu?” Jiyong asked with guilty.

Taeyeon wave her hand before she took out the tissue from her nose.

“It's just temporary... I'll be fine tomorrow...” Taeyeon replied before her blowing her nose.

Jiyong feel worried to see her like that, he then went to wear his pajama before he brought more tissue for her.

“Wait here... I think we have cold medicine at home. I'll go ask Mr. Tan.” Jiyong said while crouching beside the couch.

Taeyeon nodded weakly while her eyes look sleepy.

Jiyong in rush go to find the medicine for her. He went into the kitchen and ask the maid about it. After the maid give him the medicine, Jiyong take a jug of water with empty glass with him.

Inside the room, Jiyong hurriedly went to Taeyeon. He saw she's already in sleep. Anyhow, he awakes her to make her eat the medicine.

“Dear, wake up... come... eat this tablet...” Jiyong said softly while pat Taeyeon shoulder.

Taeyeon open her eyes slowly before she took the tablet from Jiyong and eat it. Jiyong pours the water and then he handed to her after she ate the tablet. After finish, Taeyeon went back into her sleep. Jiyong look at her with uneasy, he went to touch Taeyeon forehead and can feel the hotness from her.

“Oh God, you got a fever...” Jiyong mutter with worry.

He stares at her while his hand touch her cheek gently. In the end, Jiyong decided to take her into the bed. Jiyong slowly move his hands on her before he's carrying her toward the bed. Teyeon feel like she's flying while Jiyong carrying her. She feels sleepy to open her eyes, but her body can feel she's lying down on the soft place.

After Jiyong put Taeyeon on the bed, he wants to bring the wet towel to put on her forehead. However, unknowingly, Taeyeon grab his arm and hold it.

“Don’t leave…” Taeyeon mutter slowly.

Jiyong smiles when he hears that. He's trying to release her hand from him, but Taeyeon keep muttering to ask him to stay. Later, he just stays there while let Taeyeon hugging his arm. During his lay beside her, Jiyong take that time to look at her closely. He saw her close eyes, nose and her lips. He remembered their kiss in the barn after seeing her lips. Jiyong smiles while his finger touching Taeyeon lips gently.

“I'll be waiting to taste your lips again...” Jiyong said whispering.

He then moves to kiss her forehead.

After midnight, Jiyong awake when he feels someone breathe hitting his neck. He saw Taeyeon in her deep sleep while her hands around his waist. Jiyong smiles when he saw his wife. Then, he moves his hand to touch her forehead. Jiyong feel Taeyeon still got the fever. So, Jiyong move Taeyeon hand away from him slowly before he went to get the wet towel for her.

Along that night, Jiyong can't get sleep when he kept awake to make sure Taeyeon body temperature didn't rise. Before dawn, he feels good when Taeyeon's body temperature is getting better.





That morning, Taeyeon get up after getting better sleep. She looks around and saw she's on the bed, but she didn't see Jiyong in there. Taeyeon look at the clock on the wall and it's almost ten o'clock.

“Did he already leave for work?” Taeyeon mutter while getting up from the bed.

Suddenly, she realized that her flu got better than yesterday. She went to the bathroom to clean up before she went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the maid is teaching Jiyong making a porridge at the stove. After he's awake, Jiyong rearrange his schedule with his assistant to give him time to be late to go to the office. Jiyong need to make sure Taeyeon is okay before he can leave her. That's why, that morning, he decided to make porridge and chicken soup for her before he left for work.

After she's ready, Taeyeon walks out from the room to go into the kitchen. However, she can smell something delicious during her walks over there. When she's arrive in the kitchen, she saw Jiyong is doing something in there, while the maid are smiling at her.

“What are you doing here?” Taeyeon asked while approaching the counter table.

She saw porridge and soup are served in bowls. She looks at Jiyong and saw his smiling.

“Come…I make this for you…” Jiyong said while he helps her sit on the chair.

“Are you cooking this?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

Jiyong nodded before he went to touch Taeyeon forehead.

“Thank God, the fever is gone...” Jiyong said while his fingers fix Taeyeon hair.

“Did I have a fever last night?” Taeyeon asked confused.

Jiyong smiles while he touches her cheek gently.

“Yup! You know how worried I am...” Jiyong replied with worry tone.

Taeyeon smiles when she saw his face.

“So… can I eat this now?” Taeyeon asked excitedly.

“Sure… this for you…” Jiyong replied and he moves the bowl close to her.

Taeyeon scoop the porridge, and she blew it a little before she ate it.

Jiyong look at her with uneasy before he curiously asks

“How was it? It tastes good?”

Taeyeon smiles while lift her thumb up for him.

“It’s delicious…you want some?” Taeyeon said afterward.

“Thank god… it’s okay… I already eat…eat more… be health…” Jiyong replied while he’s staring at her eating.

“Don't you have to go to office?” suddenly Taeyeon asked after she saw the clock shows almost noon.

“Don't worry, I'll go after lunch hour.” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“You still have to leave?” Taeyeon asked with gloomy face.

“Sorry, dear. I have two meeting to attend today, but I promise to get back earlier...” Jiyong replied while he touches her cheek.

“Arasso… you just do your works... and I'm here with my languages class...” Taeyeon said before she eats the soup.

“Oh...! About that, you don't have to worry. I'm already texting the tutor and ask her to let you rest today.” Jiyong replied.

“Is it? Yes!” Taeyeon said excitedly.

Jiyong narrow his eyes when he saw her reaction.

“…Or should I call her to continue the class...” Jiyong said jokingly.

“No…no… I still feel weak... let me rest today, please...” Taeyeon replied softly while try to persuade Jiyong.

Jiyong chuckles when he saw Taeyeon reaction. Then, he went to pinch her cheek and he says

“Cheeky girl...”

Taeyeon smiles widely before she continues to finish her foods.




Mrs. Kwon feel irate to see how happy Jiyong with his wife. From last night, she saw them at the pool together and now, she saw them in the kitchen together.

“I have to do something… she look so comfortable in here…” Mrs. Kwon mutters slowly.

Suddenly, she saw one of the maid is cleaning the living room. She went to approach her with intend.

“Can I ask you a favor?” Mr. Kwon asked the maid.

The maid look confused but she still nodded to answer her.

“I want you to keep an eye on Jiyong wife. Keep me update what is she doing in here. Also, no one should know about this... understand?” Mrs. Kwon asked firm.

The maid feel uneasy with her sudden request.

“I'll pay you $100 every info you give it to me.” Mrs. Kwon said to make it interesting.

The maid feel excited about the offer and she’s agree to help her.

“Good… make sure… no one know about this… or… I’ll fire you…” Mrs. Kwon said to warn her.

“Yes, ma’am…” the maid replied.

Before Mrs. Kwon leave, she turn around back to her.

“Before that... I want you to do something for me...” Mrs. Kwon said slowly.

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