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Next morning, Taeyeon noticed she's sleeping while her head lean on Jiyong chest. Her hand is around his waist and her leg crossed with Jiyong's legs. She slowly lifts her head and saw Jiyong sleeping face. When she wants to move, she felt that Jiyong arms around her body. Taeyeon don't know how to move from him. If she moves his hand, or get up from him, she knew Jiyong would be awake. In the end, Taeyeon decided to go down her body slowly. After her face reach Jiyong belly, Taeyeon move Jiyong hands away from her body with careful. Suddenly, Jiyong move and then turn his body around. By accident, Jiyong fell from the couch and Taeyeon look at him with stunned.

“Argh... my head...!” Jiyong grunt in pain.

“Are you okay?” Taeyeon asked hesitated.

Jiyong open his eyes and saw Taeyeon is on the couch while him lying on the floor.

“Do you push me?” Jiyong asked while touch his head.

“What…? No! You fall on your own,” Taeyeon replied to defend herself.

Then, Taeyeon saw Jiyong is still touched his head while lay on the floor.

“Jiyong, are you okay?” Taeyeon asked with worried.

Jiyong nodded slowly before he reply

“I feel dizzy...”

“Ouh, you drank last night... you still didn't feel better?” Taeyeon asked.

“I don’t know… could you please get me the hangover pills? I need it...” Jiyong replied.

“Sure… come, let get you sit here...” Taeyeon said while she helps Jiyong to get up and sit on the couch.

After she makes sure Jiyong sit, Taeyeon went to get the aspirin that Dami give to her last night. She pours water into the glass and then went to give it to Jiyong.

“Here…” Taeyeon said after she sits beside him.

“Thanks…” Jiyong replied while he takes the pills and the water from her.

After he's done eat the pills, Jiyong lean on the couch while closing his eyes. Taeyeon feel uneasy to see him like that, and then she went to massage his head gently. Jiyong smiles when he felt the hand massage his head.

“You know you have an important meeting today, why are you drinking?” Taeyeon asked while her hands are busy massaging him.

However, there is no answer from Jiyong. He just chill and enjoying his wife massage to relax his mind.

Taeyeon that saw Jiyong reaction, just shake her head slowly while smiling.

“You are so spoiled...” Taeyeon muttered slowly.

“… Just with you…” Jiyong replied softly.

Taeyeon smiles and continue to massage his head.

Few minutes later, Jiyong feel ease and his head have no more dizziness. He opens his eyes and saw his wife is sleeping while her head on his shoulder. Jiyong chuckles softly before he went to kiss her head. Afterward, he moves her head away while he's move from the couch. Jiyong put Taeyeon head slowly on the pillow and make sure she didn't awake. He then went into the bathroom to clean up before he gets ready for works.

Moment later, Taeyeon woke up while Jiyong was wearing a tie. She stares at him for a while before she asks

“You’re ready to go?”

Jiyong turns and smiles at her. He approaches her and touches her face.

“Thank you for take care of me last night…” Jiyong said smiling.

Taeyeon pout before she says

“You shouldn't get drunk last night...”

“I know…but I just feel want to drink last night…” Jiyong replied try to hide the reasons.

Taeyeon stares into his eyes when he said that.

“Actually, I have something to tell you...” Taeyeon suddenly said.

“Oh… hurm… but I'm getting late. Can we talk tonight?” Jiyong asked while he looks at his watch.

“Okay, have a good day… text me if you want something for dinner…” Taeyeon replied.

Jiyong smiles and then he went to kiss her cheek.

“See you later…” Jiyong said in whisper.

After Jiyong leave, Taeyeon go into the bathroom to get ready for her languages class.





“Hello… is anyone here?” Sooyoung shout from the door.

“Omma at the back,” suddenly Jiwoong shouts from the barn.

“Yah! That’s surprised me…!” Soooyoung said after Jiwoong suddenly shouts.

Jiwoong chuckles before he went into the bar.

“Imo…~ where are you…?” Soyoung call Mrs. Kim while she walking toward the backyard.

“I’m here…” Mrs. Kim replied while she doing gardening.

“Imo, what are you doing back here?” Sooyoung asked while approaching her.

“I just continue this gardening after Jiyong left.” Mrs. Kim replied.

“Where is Hayeon?” Sooyoung asked while looking at the house.

“She’s going out with her friends,” Mrs. Kim replied.

“Aigoo… you should hire new helper, imo...” Sooyoung said to give her suggestion.

“I already ask Jiwoong but he refused after what just happen…” Mrs. Kim replied.

Sooyoung didn’t respond her after that.

“Hey, why did you come?” suddenly Mrs. Kim asked.

“Oh! Omma asked me to give you this kimchi. She makes it to all her friends…” Sooyoung replied while she gives the container.

“Omo…omo… smell delicious…” Mrs. Kim said while take the container from her.

“Yeah… that's why she always brags about that...” Sooyoung replied jokingly.

Mrs. Kim chuckles when she hears that.

“Imo, did the gang still come to disturb your family?” suddenly Sooyoung asked.

“Hurm… I'm not sure, but I didn't see them around for a few weeks... why?” Mrs. Kim asked back.

“Erm… I feel something strange here... did you notice, they didn't come after Taeyeon wedding... did they give up to take our land? If that's so, we're safe now...” Sooyoung replied.

Suddenly, Mrs. Kim feels uncomfortable after Sooyoung mention that. In fact, no one knows about the matter except her family. If they know that matter is related with Jiyong, how can she face the village people again? Besides, right now, her farm is safe after what Jiyong don to help them.

“Imo, how was Taeyeon now? Is she okay?” suddenly Sooyoung asked.

“She’s fine. I just call her recently…” Mrs. Kim replied with smiles.

“You think… erm… Taeyeon… you know…” Sooyoung hesitated to continue her words.

“What?” Mrs. Kim asked confused.

“You think she's happy to stay there? I think... I didn't see Jiyong parents during the ceremony before...” Sooyoung replied with honest.

Mrs. Kim didn’t respond afterward.

“Don't get me wrong here, imo. I just worried about her... You know, she's like to keep it alone if something bad happen to her...” Sooyoung continue with uneasy.

“I know… I understand. She’s really like that…” Mrs. Kim said to agree with Sooyoung.

“Anyhow, if she's happy out there, I feel ease. As long, GD oppa would take care of her...” Sooyoung replied.

Mrs. Kim nodded.

“Don't worry, she'll be fine. Besides, I and Jiwoong already plan to meet her next month... after the harvest...” Mrs. Kim said.

“That’s good… I hope I can visit her too. You know I miss her…” Sooyoung replied.

“Why don’t you follow us?” Mrs. Kim asked with offer.

“You think omma will let me go? Who will manage care the restaurant…? ” Sooyoung asked while to refused.

Mrs. Kim chuckles before she jokingly says

“You can close it for one day…”

“I wish…” Sooyoung replied while rolling her eyes.

Mrs. Kim laughs after her joking about that.





After Mrs. Kwon asked her to practice a tango dance, Taeyeon doesn't know how to start it. So, she asked the butler to help her to practice the dance. The butler refused at first, but Taeyeon keep persuading him until he says yes. Now, both of them at the backyard is doing their practicing dancing, meanwhile all the maids are there to watching them.

“Does anyone know how to start the tango?” Taeyeon asked the maids.

“I think we should choose the correct music…” one of the maid replied.

“Music… what music?” Taeyeon asked confused.

The maid pat her head after she asked that.

“Aigoo… let me help you choose the song for the dance…” the maid replied.

While the maid scroll her phone to choose the song, the butler teach Taeyeon about the tango steps.

“Where did you learn this?” Taeyeon asked the butler.

“Well…well… the chairman asks me to accompany him to learn this because his wife likes the tango,” the butler replied.

“Oh… this is new… by the way, how’s Jiyong grandmother is like? When she's died?” Taeyeon asked curious.

“Hurm… she’s such a nice person… same as you. She like to reading, dance and knitting. She’s home person. Doesn’t like to go out or went to the party. But she's changed after marrying the chairman. She had to act as chairman wife. She went to learn etiquette because the chairman family think she've a bad habit. However, few years ago, she's died due to bacterial infection in her lungs. Then, everything was different. Chairman just focusing on company and his child being ignored. That's why when Jiyong and Dami born, chairman start to changed and take care of them. He felt guilt for not take care of his child's before, now, everything is too late.” The butler said to tell Taeyeon the stories.

Taeyeon suddenly feel empathy toward the family. Even though, her father passed away, her mother never neglects her and the siblings. She kept pouring them with love and she takes care of them. That's the different between her family and Jiyong family.

“Okay, can we start now? I already choose the song…” suddenly the maid said.

“Okay…” Taeyeon replied.

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