out of control

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After coming back, Hyuk went to his room. But, he stopped after he heard people talking in the kitchen. He thought the maid still in there, so, he decided to go into the kitchen to ask the maid for food. However, he stunned after his eyes seeing the couple is kissing in there. Hyuk hesitated to greet, but he still disturbs them by clear his throat.

“Ehem…” Hyuk cough from the door.

Jiyong and Taeyeon stop kissing before they slowly look at the sound come from. They saw Hyuk is standing there, looking at them with smirk.

“I thought the maid is still in here...” Hyuk said while he’s stepping into the kitchen.

Taeyeon move to step down from the countertop while being helped by Jiyong. She's face start to blushing shyly when Hyuk caught them in that situation.

Jiyong didn’t say anything but his eyes keep staring at Hyuk.

“Hurm… is there anything to eat?... I'm hungry...” Hyuk asked with gloomy face.

At that time, Taeyeon take the ice cream bucket and the spoon from the countertop. Yet, Jiyong take the ice cream and spoon from her, and then he signal Taeyeon to leave the kitchen. 

Hyuk noticed about it, and he hurriedly took the ramen package from the drawer before he handed to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon frown while looking at him, meanwhile Jiyong move toward Taeyeon.

“Could you please cook for me?” Hyuk asked with sympathy.

“Can you cook it by yourself?” Jiyong asked uneasy.

Hyuk shake his head while his hand still handed the ramen toward Taeyeon.

Taeyeon feel uneasy to stand between them. She looks at her husband face before she carefully asks

“May I?”

Jiyong look at her with uneasy.

“C’mon… I'm just asked her to cook...” Hyuk said afterward.

Jiyong still didn’t say anything.

“Should you do it instead of me?” Taeyeon asked with hesitated.

“Tell me how to do it, I'll cook for him...” suddenly Jiyong replied while his hand takes the ramen from Hyuk.

Taeyeon chuckles after Jiyong said that.

Then, while Jiyong preparing to cook the ramen. Taeyeon went to keep the ice cream into the fridge. Hyuk went to seat on the chair while his eyes staring at them.

“Should I wait for the water boiled?” Jiyong asked while his eyes on the stove.

Taeyeon nodded.

Then, Jiyong open the ramen while Taeyeon went to get side dish from the fridge.

Hyuk keep staring at them without saying anything. Out of nowhere, he feels touched to see Jiyong and Taeyeon treat him nicely.

After he's done cooking, Taeyeon help him by pour the ramen into the bowl. Jiyong take the bowl and the side dish to serve in front of Hyuk.

“Here…” Jiyong said while he put the bowl on the countertop.

“Smell nice…” Hyuk replied with smiles.

“I'm doing this because I owe you for saving my wife, but... no more after this. I don't want to see you get close with my wife anymore.” Jiyong said with firm.

Taeyeon look at Jiyong after he said that.

“Let’s go…” Jiyong said while he pull Taeyeon hand and leave the kitchen.

After both of them leave, Hyuk chuckles slowly before he went to eat the ramen.

“Aigoo Jiyong… you really cared your wife that much…” Hyuk muttered slowly.




After they went into the room, both of them went to clean up. They stand beside each other while brushing the teeth. Taeyeon noticed Jiyong face still tense after coming back from the kitchen. He finished the brush quickly before Jiyong rinse it with water. After he's done, Jiyong just walks out without saying anything. Taeyeon feel uneasy when Jiyong behave like that. She knows Jiyong didn't like to feel owe to others, especially Hyuk. So, after she clean her face, Taeyeon decided to confront Jiyong.

However, she saw Jiyong is already lay on the bed, and the lamp had been turn off. Only the table lamp was still on to give some light in that room. Taeyeon sat on the bed before she asks

“You are sleeping?”

Yet, there is no answer from him.

“Jiyong…?” Taeyeon try to call his name.

Still, no respond from him. Then, Taeyeon move to look at his face that facing other side. She saw Jiyong eyes are closed, but she knows he didn't sleep yet. Taeyeon touch his arm before she softly calls his name.

“Jiyong…” Taeyeon call him.

Yet, Jiyong still statue himself from respond to her.

End up, Taeyeon went to kiss his cheek, try to make him respond. Still, no respond from him. Then, she's try to by kissing his nape. Her lips keep playing kissing his nape until Jiyong turned around, and his body was on top of Taeyeon.

“You're trying to tease me, huh?” Jiyong asked while his eyes stare with lust.

Taeyeon grin while her hands move to hug his neck.

“You think so?” Taeyeon asked before she pulls his head closer.

When their nose touched, Taeyeon stops and then she asks

“Did you still mad?”

Jiyong lift his head after she asked that. He stares at her deeply but nothing coming out from his mouth.

“Did I spoil the mood?” Taeyeon continue asked with guilty.

Then, she saw Jiyong smiling before he pecked on her lips.

“With your kiss, I don't think anything else except you.” Jiyong said in whisper.

Taeyeon look at him with shy.

That time, Jiyong took that opportunity to kiss his wife lips. Afterward, he gently pulls Taeyeon pajama away from her body before he does that to him. Next, he went to kiss her neck and give her softly bite. Taeyeon moan when Jiyong bite her neck before she moves her lips to nuzzle his shoulder. Later, Jiyong went to give her a hot and wet kiss. His tongue flicking in and out of . His hand move to cradling back of her to pull her closer and closer.   Taeyeon feel the passion from him and let the feeling enjoying his kiss and touch before both of them making love.






After they have to empty the room, Dami asked them to use the hotel room to meet. On that day, Taeyeon get texting from Yoona to meet her at the hotel. Inside the room, Taeyeon saw Yoona and Tiffany are already there. She noticed both of them look at her with uneasy face.

“What’s wrong? You two look strange…” Taeyeon said before her seat on the chair.

“We need to talk… about something…” Tiffany replied with serious tone.

“Yes, sure.” Taeyeon said with uneasy.

Yoona look at Tiffany for a while and after Tiffany nodded, Yoona says

“We already have witness for the fraud ledgers.”

“That’s great!” Taeyeon said with excited.

“Yeah but…” Yoona hesitated to continue her words.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“He's someone you know...” Yoona said with uneasy.

“Who?” Taeyeon asked curiously.

Yoona voice stuck after Taeyeon asked that.

“It’s Wonshik, aren't you?” suddenly Taeyeon asked that.

Yoona and Tiffany are startled for a while before Tiffany asks

“How you know it's him?”

“He works with that company before... but gets caught for cheating... after you say someone I know, I just have thought on him...” Taeyeon replied to explain.

“Why you didn’t tell us before?” Yoona asked.

“I never thought he wants to be a witness after what happened between us... besides, after what the company has done to him...” Taeyeon replied with unsure.

“Why don't you try to persuade him? You know we really need him to help us...” Tiffany said with some hope.

Yoona and Taeyeon look at each other before Yoona says

“Actually, I really hate him for what he's done to you, but... I agree with Fany, we need him...”

Taeyeon sigh after she heard that.

Suddenly, someone knock he door. Yoona went to open it and afterward, they saw Seohyun is there with Seunghyun.

“What we have?” Seohyun asked

“We found the witness but...we need to persuade him...” Tiffany replied.

“That’s great… so, what we waiting for? Let’s go to persuade him,” Seohyun said excitedly.

Tiffany looks at Taeyeon with uneasy. Seohyun noticed their face and then she asks

“It’s not that easy, huh?”

Yoona nodded to answer her.

“Okay… before that, I already collect all the online questionnaire that we prepared before… here… look what we have,” Seunghyun said while he show it from his tablet.

“From there, we can see that they are happy to work there but... the management make it worse.” Seohyun said while she brings out the worker comment in the paper that she prints out.

All of them read all the comments and feedback from the worker. Suddenly, Yoona read a comment criticizing the property management section.

“Look at this comment,” Yoona said.


This company is awful! They used the worker to do more work without paying them. Also, they used to buy a lot of land before sell it with the highest price! – Anonymous


“Here… read this one…” Tiffany said while show it to the others.


I used to work at financial department, but after that I have been transferred to marketing department – Miss Hyun


“Oh… that’s me,” suddenly Seohyun said after read the comment.

“Yah! Why you have to put this comment?” Yoona asked.

“Hello, I’m still their worker, that’s why I have to answer the questionnaire…” Seohyun replied.

“Oh… sorry…” Yoona said with chuckles

“So… we already get the respond from the staffs. Should we spread it on the blog or website?” suddenly Seunghyun asked.

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