the stronger but still fragile

please, feel my love
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On that day, Jiyong and Taeyeon went back to the farm to attend Sooyoung wedding ceremony. After one month, Taeyeon still can't move on from her sadness. As usual, she's switching her emotion as if there is a switch inside her. She's laughing when Jiyong tease, she's crying when she's alone, but the worst part is her nightmare keep disturbing her every night. At one point, Jiyong starting to feel hopeless, but he strengthened himself, because of his love for Taeyeon.

“Jiyong, can you drop me at Sooyoung house? I want to meet her before the wedding tomorrow.” Taeyeon said after she’s texting with Sooyoung.

“Sure… ” Jiyong replied while his eyes on road.

“You can go after drop me… ” Taeyeon said afterward.

Jiyong look at her for a while before he asks

“Why? Can I wait for you?”

Taeyeon shake her head before she reply

“I have many things to do with Sooyoung, perhaps it took time, why don't you just go to the farm, get some rest... I'll call you after I'm finish.”

Jiyong feel uneasy when he has to leave his wife but Taeyeon can saw Jiyong uneasy face. She smiles and then holds his hand.

“I’ll be okay… you don’t have to worry about me,” Taeyeon said try to persuade her husband.

Jiyong sigh before he reply

“Arasso… call me after you finish…,”

“Nae~” Taeyeon said cutely.

Few minutes later, they’re arrive at Sooyoung house. Before Taeyeon get out from the car, Jiyong hold her arm to stop her move.

“What?” Taeyeon asked confused.

“Take care…” Jiyong replied before he pulls her and then kiss her cheek.

“Arasso… don’t forget to tell omma… I want to eat her apple pie…” Taeyeon said with smiles.

Jiyong nodded.

Then, before she got off, Taeyeon went to pecks Jiyong lips.

“See you later…” Taeyeon said after the kiss.

Jiyong smiles while his eyes looking at her walking toward Sooyoung house.

After make sure his wife enter the house, Jiyong drive the car toward the farm.

When he's arrive, Jiyong saw Mrs. Kim is at the gazebo. Jiyong went to approach her after he got off from the car.

“Eomeoni…!” Jiyong calls with smiles.

Mrs. Kim frowns when she didn’t saw Taeyeon.

“Where is Taeyeonnie?” Mrs. Kim asked.

“She’s at Sooyoung house… she want to meet her before the wedding,” Jiyong replied before he sit in front of her.

“Oh… have you eaten?” Mrs. Kim asked while cutting the rose stalk.

“Yes… by the way, eomeoni.. Taeyeon said she want to eat apple pie…” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“Don’t worry. I already prepared it… so… how is she?” Mrs. Kim asked concern.

Jiyong sigh slowly before he reply

“Just like that…”

Mrs. Kim nodded and she understands his words.

“She still had nightmare?” Mrs. Kim asked concern.

Jiyong nodded before him reply

“Every night…”

Mrs. Kim look at Jiyong with sympathy and the she slowly asks

“Are you okay?”

Jiyong smiles slightly while looking at Mrs. Kim.

“I’m tired, eomeoni…” Jiyong said with honest.

Mrs. Kim nodded because she understands what Jiyong going through at that time. She can see his eyes show tired but the slight smiles he gave, Mrs. Kim know he's keep be strong for Taeyeon.

“Honestly, I should give you a credit for stick with her to face everything.” Mrs. Kim said softly try to compliment him.

Jiyong chuckles after he hears that.

“Eomeoni… she’s not Taeyeon anymore. The one that I knew from here… she's different...” Jiyong said try to express his truth feelings.

Mrs. Kim saw Jiyong sad face after he said that.

“I know she's hurt for losing the baby... I feel that too but... now, I'm starting to lose her too. That's hurt eomeoni...” Jiyong continue while his eyes start to get teary.

“Jiyong…” Mrs. Kim calls his name softly.

“I don’t know what to do to make her be my Taeyeon back. If you ask me... I don't care to continue to argue with her like before, as long I get my wife back... right now, I don't have any idea how to drag her out from that sadness.” Jiyong said before he wipes his tears from flow.

“Have you taken her to meet the doctor?” Mrs. Kim asked.

Jiyong nodded.

“What the doctor said?” Mrs. Kim asked curious.

“Her traumatic is still there... she had the guilty feelings that make her behave like that. But at the same time, she's trying to deny her feelings. That's why she had up and down emotions.” Jiyong replied to explain.

Mrs. Kim sighs with worried.

“To cure her, the doctor said there is no medicine for it.... except she's the one decided to move on from her sadness.” Jiyong continue to explain.

“Jiyong…” Mrs. Kim calls him softly.

Jiyong look at her with bitter smiles.

“I know you two are strong... I keep praying for you two... but, I just want to thank you to keep staying and treat her. Taeyeon is tough, but inside her so fragile,... her sensitive really can make you tired... Anyhow, Jiyong.... I'm still proud for you to keep patient with her.” Mrs. Kim said with teary eyes.

“No, eomeoni… what I'm doing right now because I love her. I already promise to you to take care of her, remember? Please continue to trust me...” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“I will…” Mrs. Kim said while wipe her tears.

Suddenly, Hayeon come toward them with the drinks.

“Oppa… where is unnie?” Hayeon asked.

“She at Sooyoung house…” Jiyong replied.

Hayeon noticed her mother and Jiyong sad face. She staring at her mother and asks

“What happen in here? Everything is fine?”

Jiyong smiles before him reply

“Yes… everything is going to be fine…”

“By the way, oppa… can I ask you something?” suddenly Hayeon asked.

Jiyong nodded before he takes the water to drink.

“About unnie…” Hayeon hesitated to continue but when she saw Jiyong wait for her words, she continues says

“Why don't you try to get a puppy or cat... or anything that could distract her from be alone? At least, it can help her busy with something, rather than let her thinking of other sad things.”

“Hurm... I have that thought before, but I've no time to go pet shop. Anyhow, thanks for remember me.” Jiyong replied with smiles.

“…or you can have our puppy…” Hayeon said while pointing the puppy in the yard.

Jiyong chuckles when he looks at the puppy.

“I’ll try to ask her… if she’s fine, we take it,” Jiyong replied.

“Okay, I need to bake apple pie… Jiyong, go get some rest. I think she'll be there until the night, you know her when she's with her friends...” Mrs. Kim said while walking toward the kitchen door.

Jiyong chuckles and nodded to agree with Mrs. Kim words.





Taeyeon look at the wedding dress in front of her with excited. Meanwhile, Sunny is sitting on the bed prepare the flower bouquet for Sooyoung.

“She’s really having a nice taste…” Taeyeon said while staring at the dress.

“Sure she does… she’s our model friend… ” Sunny said jokingly.

Both of them are chuckles afterward.

“Why you two laughing? Here drinks for you two… thank you for coming…” Sooyoung said while she put the tray on the nearby table.

“Sooyoung, where is your heels?” Taeyeon asked when she can’t see it anywhere.

Sooyoung scoff before she reply

“Urgh... don't make me start it... it's Daesung fault! I already ask him to buy me the shoes last month from Japan! You know what? He just gives feedback last two weeks just to told me that shoes are not available anymore....! Ergh... and now I have to wait for my unnie, she’s already get it one from US.”

“Yah...! What kind of shoes you have to find it overseas? Don't in Korea exist?” Taeyeon asked with surprised.

“It is available but out of stock... that's why I'm looking the other place. I already aim those shoes before he's proposing me... that's why I want it for my wedding...” Sooyoung replied to explain.

“You have that shoes picture? Let me see it…” suddenly Sunny asked.

Afterward, Sooyoung take her phone and then she shows the shoes pictures to them. Taeyeon and Sunny nodded after look at the pictures.

“That's why it's sold out, it looks beautiful...” Taeyeon said still looking at the shoes pictures.

“Right? I’m glad unnie can get one for me…!” Sooyoung replied proudly.

Taeyeon chuckles when she saw her reaction.

“Hey… my omma ask me… why you come alone? She thought GD oppa will come too,” suddenly Sooyoung asked.

“I ask him to get rest at the farm…” Taeyeon replied before she sits beside Sunny.

Sunny and Sooyoung noticed Taeyeon face changed after she answered that.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Did you two fight?” Sunny asked concern.

Taeyeon shake her head slowly.

“Then… your face likes that?” Sooyoung asked uneasy.

Taeyeon smiles bitterly before she says

“Lately, I feel guilty at Jiyong... I feel he's trying his best for me but...”

Taeyeon can’t continue her words when she’s starting to cry.

Sunny and Sooyoung look at each other before they went to comfort her.

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