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(ON GOING) Somewhere far away in a parallel universe, Twice gets a new member named Haeju. This crybaby girl brings a lot of conflicts and drama to the group that's going through its crisis as a falling NGG. Will Haeju save the group or ruin it? Is adding Haeju a good decision? You decide!

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Real Name: Ahn Haeju (안해주)

Nickname: Haeju, Juju, Annie

Birthday: 15 February, as old as Nayeon

Height/Weight: Same as Tzuyu

Favorite Color: Blue, pink

Favorite Food: Ice cream, strawberry flavor of everything

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Additional talents: Writing fictions, acting, some of it are still unrevealed.....

Ideal Type: Someone who makes me feel comfortable and loved; Someone who enjoys a nice afternoon in the park; Someone who is kind-hearted ❤❤❤


  • Has debuted a leader of a girl group before, but doesn't really like to talk about it
  • Loves Spongebob so much!
  • Most likely seen with Sana or Tzuyu
  • Twice members describe her as a crybaby. Someone who can share how she feels to people out of nowhere. A quiet person who can make anyone around her becomes sentimental
Have you guys read chapter 71: 'Say Yes'? I'm not sure why it was saved as a draft when I logged in a while ago :( Please don't skip that one~ It's Tzuyu-Haeju reunion, their first interaction since the 'Heart shakers' drama :(((

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Chapter 72: I liked these types of story OwO hope that it's just a friendly competition.. right??
For me, I see them as:
Nayeon: is reliable in "girl" situations but needs to be spoiled
Jeongyeon: one I can share my obsession with legos and pranks and jokes
Momo: needs to be babysitted (not that I'm complaining)
Sana: weird but maybe is into deep stuff all along
Jihyo: so precious wkwkwk must protecc
Mina: can be shy but when she opens up to you.. :3
Dahyun: whenever you're drained just go near her ;)
Chaeyoung: my long lost sibling, I relate to her
Tzuyu: that person you can't probably talk to with a straight face but still do so
Chapter 70: I miss anything Twice :( I only just check their teasers now, and I felt like I'm not updated about what's happening to them... I'm so exhausted these past months, we just finished the school year, we'll be grade 12 senior high students and we're graduating next year. I also won the vice president position at our student council, so I got more workload. We are having financial problems, and I wanted to help by applying for a summer job, and also help my parents in our business and taking care of my siblings (eldest duties) I might as well cancel all of my get-togethers with my friends since I lack the time and money T^T I hope not
Omfg why did I bother typing this lol. Nevermind my situation XD just remember authornim, whatever you're getting through, stay strong! We can get through this!!
Also I'll still be waiting for updates here, you and your fanfic have earned my respect and it has a special place in my heart <3 don't be discouraged authornim! Fighting!
Chapter 67: it's okay authornim, just a message that you're still alive and kicking is fine ^^
khayrullhacker13 #4
Chapter 67: Its okay if it is short...just keep updating...love your story so much authornimmm...
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Chapter 65: 1. Dahyun
2. Momo
3. Mina
4. Nayeon
5. Tzuyu
6. Chaeyoung
7. Sana
8. Jeongyeon
9. Jihyo
33 streak #6
What a wonderful story you have here auth
Chapter 65: 1) dahyun
2) momo
3) jeongyeon
4) chaeyoung
5) nayeon
6) mina
7) sana
8) jihyo
9) tzuyu
Chapter 64: keep up the good work!! this is my favourite twicexyou fanfic
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Chapter 62: Waaaahhh JuHyo and MiJu!! And the scenario at the end owo sdjfjhf
Chapter 62: Haeju X jihyo? How about JuHyo? Or Haehyo?