Winrina = Jiminjeong


This will be a compilation of Winrina/Jiminjeong short stories. 


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taenggo09 #1
Chapter 130: goshhhh!!!
love it so much
Chapter 130: Leeezzgoooooo🔥🔥🔥💯❣
12 streak #3
Chapter 130: Congratulations
Coleeee #4
Chapter 130: At the end of the day they just simp hard for each other lol. I was shook with jealous Minjeong too. Definitely not one to be messed with. Congrats on another completed story. Will patiently wait for the next one!
jmjluv #5
Chapter 130: AAAAA amazing story author nim!! i hope life is treating you well and thank you again for writing for us even though you’re busy!!! much love 💖
675 streak #6
Chapter 130: Promoted <3 congrats!!
Chapter 130: Ahh it's the end already!? Another great story! Thanks 😍
Chapter 129: Omg damn, it's burning 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chapter 125: Hahahah go away jeno!
Chapter 119: The tears I shed for this story could fill half a cup for sure. I physically felt my heart clench then relax once everything's mended. 😭 And Minmin, you're the sweetest babyyyy~ Baby fever is up once again. 🤗♥️