The heartbreak


Son Seungwan is a woman who loves someone by the name Bae Joohyun with all of her heart. 

However, now her heart break into pieces. It never crosses her mind that she will have to go through what her friends had gone through when they broke up with their lover. 

Yes, she dated before. She had experience a break up too. But none of those break ups ever make her feel the pain she was feeling for her recent break up. 

It was all because of one person, Bae Joohyun. Her now Ex Girlfriend. 

How will she continue to go on with her life after experiencing the most painful heartbreak ever? 




5 years. 

That's how long her relationship was with Joohyun. 5 years of being together as lovers and they loved each other so much. Seungwan loves her dearly. 

So, why the break up? What had gone wrong? 


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