The Necklace That Represents Her Heart

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What would you do if you life completely changed?

Having power only existed in dreams until you finally meet your fate.

Amber is a 17 year old girl who gets her fortune foretold with her best friend Chris aka Crystal. They both went to Japan before the KPOP guy/girl competition in their school started in 1 month, 24th October. They both speak English, Chinese, Korean and now studying Japanese. As they were listening to the wise old man, their mind completely focuses on their love life. Chris's future was being in a hot/cold relationship. Amber on the otherhand was told "Your other half  may be original or unique, depending on what path you take. Wear this necklace on the 24th October and open this envelope the night before and let your heart live."


Hello Reader

This is my very first fanfic and as a start I'm a very big fan of Kryber...Kryber is I want to focus on this fanfic first that way if I start on new fanfics you wont have to wait long for this one to update. The fanfic has people that aren't real in here like OC..I think thats what they're called...Sorry I'm such a newbie but I think if you read it you will understand it. I'm sorry if it doesnt make sense but I will try my best and hope you like it.





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Chapter 141: Cant believe its you who wrote this! After all these years. I read this back in the days! (Well im usually a silent reader so sorry for not commenting) i love this story! *flips*
Chapter 1: wow love this fanfic great job keep it up
sakurabakura #3
Chapter 1: I love this fanfic already!! :D
Tsyr0109 #4
Chapter 142: Im fine with it tho. This story is really good :D
Chapter 142: no worries about the changes. I love this story so much. :D
Chapter 142: Oh I will gladly wait for it :)
Chapter 141: its fine whether u change it or not, its a very great story, sorry for being a silent reader tho , hehe.

if you rewrite it, well there are some unsolve mystery or parts that kinda confused me too, like what @Drakey said.
tackzy #8
Chapter 142: Why noh
Chapter 141: Wait! Who is exactly Bo Na and Se Na? Why did the old man fortuneteller try to get Kryber together? Are they a really the future of the servant and queen? Why is the necklace so important for luck? Did they fix the necklace? Is Amber now an idol? Is she not an idol? Is her relationship with Krystal open or hidden to the world? What happened to Yulsic's relationship? Why did Amber have to fall for three people, it can't be because their kids represent Se Na and Bo Na because it is akward to feel 'desire' for them like Amber did. Also did Taeyeon and Tiffany resolve their differences and if so TaeNy a thing or is Tiffany still with Nickhun? Also this story focuses also on Chris and Jiyeon so what happened with their relationship? Are they planning to get married as well? There are so many loose ends in this story that still needs to be tied up. In the end, Tamako is still an unknown person who gave a random necklace to Amber and Krystal and we don't know why. We just have inferences to the past servant and queen but that does not explain amber's relationships and why she fell in love with all 3 of them in the same pattern such as falling on her. Bo Na and Se Na all of a sudden gets wiped off the Earth, no reason was given. Amber and Krystal gets random chest pains and that was not explained as well. I like the story plot but it ended too soon without addressing the main ideas of the story. I understand the end goal is Kryber but I feel this would've been a great story if it did not felt like it ended too soon. Overall, I really like the concept of this story because it is unique. I hope maybe you continue with a sequel to a story to tie up loose ends. Thank you for the story! :)