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What type of stories should I write?

  • Fluff
  • Romance
  • Based Of A Drama
  • Oneshots With Requests
  • Angst

Personal Message

Hi there, thank you for checking my profile out. Hope you get the chance to read my stories ^^ Just a simple Q&A to get to know me better!


Q. What and who do I write about?

A. The groups I bias are IZ*ONE, F(x), The9, SNSD, IOI. I also write Produce 48/101 trainees along with QCYN2 aka Youth with you trainees. In terms of content, I just write whatever idea comes in my head.


Q. When do you update?

A. I don't have a strict schedule on when I write or update, I'm usually busy with university work or daily life stuff so I update whenever I can.


Q. Hobbies?

A.  If I'm chilling at home, I like to read manga, manhwa and webtoon or I will watch anime haha I also like to play games. The game I'm into the most nowadays is Osu! If I'm not lazy I will dance, go on night walks or hang with my friends.


Q. Top 5 biases?

A. In K-pop: Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin, Jo Yuri, Jung Soojung, Choi Yoojung. But overall would be Jang Wonyoung, Wang Chengxuan, Yuyan, Ahn Yujin, Liu Lingzi


Q.  Favourite authors?

A. Some of them are: @nataliedecoco, @DonkeyASS, @GrandpaBacon, @keimagod 



A. Krystal x Amber, Jessica x Yuri, Tiffany x Taeyeon, Seohyun x Yoona (Royal Fam of course) I also like Sakura harem so I ship Sakura with the rest of IZ*ONE. Recently I have been into Yuxin x Yuyan ALRIGHT honestly I ship everyone with Yuxin when it comes to Youth with you.

About Me

Follow my kpop instagram: izone_mancake if you want to talk or anything ><