Salty of Kaistal

Alright, so during business class, I was in a very good mood until I go on Facebook and see Kaistal rumours, I legit cried in class because I'm in love with Krystal.... haha yeah guess it's pretty funny, me in love with an idol? Aren't we all? Well... it's true, I fall deeper for her everyday and now, I choose to support her, no matter how hard and painful it is, because she is my princess and I put her happiness before mine. I will not trash Kai nor Krystal, but deleting Facebook and going away from Instagram is my solution for my hardship I will face. 

Funny this is legit a trend, in 2013 my ultimate bias was Yoona and she started dating in 2014, I got into Jiyeon before so I was happy for her, in 2014 like I said, my ultimate bias was Jiyeon and in 2015, she announced she was dating, but I was okay because that's when I fell for Krystal and that was in 2015, 2016 now... she's dating Kai but I'm not happy, I feel sad... but I'm gonna carry on supporting her and hoping Kai and her won't hurt each other.

I have no apetite, I dont want anyone to see me like this... why must I fall for someone who doesnt even know i exist?

To Krystal:

"Thank you for making me smile again after I was stressed from school and hardships in school. You were the only one who could make me smile whether you just smiled, laugh, talked or even danced. You were my scenery, and it was a scenery where I could watch 24/7, now that the scene is changed, its time for me to give it up to your boyfriend. Haha, I wish for the best... love you princess..."

Sorry if it's long, this is probably the only place where I can share my feelings about this. Thank you if you read this...


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introvertbutflirt101 #1
i'm so bitter right now
I feel you... I love Krystal its my first time to feel like this towards my idol... :(