Jonghyun the Angel

Jonghyun has been someone who I looked up to, we can all acknowledge the talent he had but the only one who didnt see it was Jonghyun himself. 

He was a star that shone on stage and now hes a star of the skies, an angel who wishes for everyone to smile and assure he is resting in peace.

I will admit, I couldnt stop crying... he was such a good sunbae, hoobae, hyung and oppa to many other idols out there and a loving brother and son to his family. I pray that his family, friends and s are okay and do not blame themselves for it.

Shawols, stay strong and I hope that this becomes a wake up call to many haters and to the companies out there that are pushing idols to their limits... 

Rest in peace Jonghyun... ♡ you will always be remembered


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