Danger (위험)


He's back.

I never knew this day would come. 
I don't know if I'm more afraid or excited.

Should I look forward to this?

He's my first love though.

Too bad he doesn't know it.



"Don't get me twisted Yue."

"I never should've met you again."

"Are you ing kidding me? What am I to you?"



Character info


Hwang Yue (you/OC)
- 18 y/o
- born in Shanghai, China
- has many charms and is smart


Jeon Jung Kook
- 18 y/o
- lived few years in LA

- good looking with a cocky attitude


Jung Ho Seok
- 19 y/o
- incredible cute, funny and
charming guy




Kim Nam Joon
- 19 y/o
- you could describe him as a jerk
but deep down he's a sentimental guy


Seo Mi Hee (OC)
- 19 y/o
- Yue's closest friend same as
SNSD Seohyun's younger sister



- Kim Namjoon, 19
- Kim Seokjin, 19
- Min Yoongi, 19
- Park Jimin, 18
- Kim Taehyung, 18

Later on:

- Jung Hoseok, 19
-Jeon Jungkook, 18




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[Date 19/3/15]

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