Two Moons

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Prosperity High, a prestigious school with a lot of mysteries. People tell the wildest rumors about that school but no one knows exactly what's going on there. Only selected student get the honor to be invited to attend the school, one of them Han Siyeon.

"In our world there are only Masters and Warriors. Who do you belong to?"


Fortune Days

Between Two Points

We can make the World Stop

Warrior Concertino



(Trailer made by me)

(Trailer made by inspiritkpop)


(This is how the school looks like, just that you get an image of it:))



Hello, Hello everyone!

For you who don't know me, my name is Akacchiin, formerly Navi_7769, nice to meet you all :)

To make it short, I wrote this story before but I decided to re-write it again, because my writing changed a lot :)

The new story and the old story will be quite similar to each other but there will be changes of course :)

Since I still have another very big ongoing story, I will start updating this one here regularly when I finished the other one :)


Oh, before I forget, the story plays in an alternative, future world but there are still some relations to our world as well.


Rated for or violence and language.

Some scenes can be highly suggestive!

This is going to be a reversed harem story! I warned you beforehand! 


Do not repost this anywhere!

I won't allow any translations or anything similar to that, and don't even ask.

Do NOT plagiarize!


This story is going to be extremely long so for those who don't like long stories just don't read it, simple as that.


Have fun reading!

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Joker_ 0 points #1
Chapter 186: Hey Please update us about the progress of this story! Would love to see it updated and completed one day! Awesome story awesome plot and character development! Thank you for all the efforts!
Rowanevalentina #2
Chapter 186: Are you still continuing the story? I mean you didnt update for a year and 4 months
tamahome #3
I miss this so much huhu
233 streak #4
Chapter 180: I feel so bad for Jooyeon. All she ever wanted was to be loved, but all she every gets is mistreatment because thats all she gives.
233 streak #5
Chapter 123: If she has to end up with an exo member, which I hope she stays with Mao, I would love if she ended up with Baekhyun. I just love hers and Baekhyuns relationship. It's honestly so amazing. On an unrelated note, I can't stop picturing Mao with red hair? Like Chanyeol's from monster era red. I always have? I don't know why
233 streak #6
Chapter 86: Gosh I love Mao. And chanyeols dad. Gotta love him. I wonder who your favorite character to write is
233 streak #7
Chapter 84: I really love the whole training with Mao thing.
233 streak #8
Chapter 81: You OC characters are the best characters of this book, hands down. I really love Mao, Mori (and her father), Pyr, Kinji, and Rui!!
233 streak #9
Gosh, I've read this so many times. The story just draws me in. I'll keep reading it forever
Chatty #10
Gosh came back to read this story!!!! Still so good. So cool that I read this story when I was in year 10 going into year 11 and now I’m going into uni and I still like this story to the bits!!!!!!!
Hopefully we’ll see u soon??