Castle In The Sky
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Yujin’s POV


Traveling around the world is my job, some people might say that this is their dream job just traveling different places eating around and enjoying the unexpected view that I came across with. That’s what the taught traveling around the world isn’t an easy job at least for me it isn’t, because I do some extensive research on the place that I will visit. Why if you may ask? Because I don’t want to offend the culture of that country. I study what are the do’s and don’ts of the country, like their laws, what to wear and what not to wear. What some of people don’t understand is even we are tourist we should respect what are the culture of that country that we are visiting. Yes, people now are more understanding on how tourist act because they are foreign of that culture but don’t you think that they will appreciate us and welcome us more openly if we study and respect their culture? Just think of it.


Japan is a place that I come very often because I like it here, it is a very beautiful country to visit and I can say that if you have a partner to come with you here I will suggest that you should do it. I came here to japan for a vacation not really for work but I can sneak in some random vlogs about my experience here.


I typically travel alone and I don't have any problems on doing that. I don't seek for company I'm used to it by now I've been traveling alone since my late teen age years. But I everything change when I checked in the hotel named The Castle, I met someone that change my mind. I think that cute tall girl put a spell on me.


I did all I can to get her attention I came all the time for some random request just to talk to her but my charms don’t have any effect on her. It put me into the worst situation and used the jerk move and I regretted it, it backfired at me. And I treat her because of that, we've talked about my traveling experience. Besides that, I lied to her. I lied that I usually talk to someone in every place that I've been traveling to and accompany me on my travels. She's the first person I did that and she will be my last I guess?


We've been hanging out for a week now, I usually sleep in the morning and waiting for five in the afternoon to roam around. And just like the other day I am her standing outside of the hotel waiting for her. “Sorry I took so long.” Wonyoung said as soon as she arrived.


“It’s okay I understand there are a lot of people today huh?” I just observe that they have a lot of guest today so I just shrug it off, she can’t really leave her spot if there are a lot of people.


“Yes there are. I don’t really understand why because it is in the middle of the week and there are a lot of walk in.” she’s right it is not normal for Wednesdays to be this busy in the hotel except if here is an event.


“Common let’s just walk around for today I don’t feel like going somewhere far.” That’s another lie I just don’t want her to be more tired because we travel on a far destination, she already looks tired and I don’t want to add up to that.


There is one thing that isn’t good about hanging out with Wonyoung. What is it she’s too clingy, she always clung into my arms just like now and she really want to hold my hands. This is bad for my heart and my job this makes me wants to settle down here at Japan.


“Wonyoung?” someone called her and that caught he off guard, she suddenly removed her hands and stands up straight. I looked at the person who called her. that person is a lot shorter than Wonyoung she has a chubby cheek and wearing the same uniform that Wonyoung is wearing during her shift. “Oh hi ma’am good noon.” She gave me a bow as she noticed me. I think that she recognizes me as their guest. She then looks at Wonyoung with a weird look, it’s like she’ asking her why is she with a guest and why is she clanging into me.


“Why are you early today I thought you are still in the grave yard shift?” Wonyoung is stuttering right now why I she acting like she got caught by her mother while having a date?


“I will be doing a straight shift to fill up Ruby’s shift she’s sick right now.” Wonyoung is abought to talk when someone suddenly talked again. Why the hell are people suddenly showing up.


“Hitomi did you see my keys for my locker I think I left it in your house.”


Eunbi’s POV


“I love you.” I was caught up in the moment, it suddenly came out of my mouth. I

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