Castle In The Sky
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Eunbi’s POV


It is a big day for me. I am presenting my proposal to Sakura and Sakura Finally found the orphanage that Winter came from. We gave back Winter first to the orphanage but we already talk to them that I want to adopt Winter and they said we should just prepare the papers for adoption. The day that we bring back winter was full of tears she taught that we will never get her back and that breaks my heart so I immediately prepared the papers I need and well Sakura helped with that.


Now I am standing in front of the management and CEO. Well I am not that nervous about the management because they will just agree to what will the CEO will decide. I am nervous about Sakura, yes we are talking privately but the thing is she is a different person when it comes to work. my little kitten will turn into a roaring tiger.


“Good morning everyone. For today’s agenda I will propose a project that I think that the Castle needs. Is everyone here already?”


“Yes please proceed Ms. Kwon.” One of the management said to me.


“The title of the project will be ‘twelve countries in twelve months’. I’ll be discussing first why proposed this projects. There are rumors that they are discrimination that is happening within the Hotel. I have already told our mangers that they should investigate about this rumors, but for us in the management we shouldn’t be just eliminating the problem we need a cure for it, we need to prevent it from happening again and again. I don’t like the idea of just eliminate the cause of problem we as the management should be the one who needs to step up on educating them.”


“So what is your proposed plan Ms. Kwon?” Mr. Yamamoto asked.


“In every month for the whole year the castle will be holding a week-long celebration and understanding of a culture of a country. We should put some information’s or infographics in every office on how do people act and what are the do’s and don’ts in that country we can also add some additional information regarding that culture like religion, food and other important things. I am proposing this to help all of our employees to understand different culture it will not just benefit our employees but it will also benefit our guests. And if everything went well for the whole duration of this project we can permanently implement it” I finished the main points of my presentation.


“Can I start questioning your proposal Ms. Kwon?” to that the misery starts Sakura want to start questioning me. Why do feel like I am presenting my paper back when I was in college, and Sakura is the terror professor.


“Ok Ma’am you can ask me anything.”


“How can you make sure that the information that you are giving to our employees are legitimate. You can’t just base your information by just looking it up on the internet.” Huh you can’t bring me down with that question Sakura I am well prepared for this.


“In this proposal I am targeting the countries that our employees came from. By doing that we can ask them if the information’s that we’ve gathered is legitimate and they can add things that can’t be found in the internet.” She seems not hat impressed on what I’ve just said, well on her defense she never looked like she is impressed by anything except when we are intimate.


“Another question how can the guests benefit for this project.” Another simple question common Sakura are you easing up on me?


“The more we know the culture of the country the more we understand how our guest interact with us. For example, some of our guest came from a certain country that the way that they act may be rude for us in this country but it is normal for them. By knowing that it is just normal for them and vice versa we won’t have a

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