Castle In The Sky
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Sakura’s POV


“Only if she’s with you” Winter’s little fingers pointed towards to Eunbi.


“Let me ask her first.” I leaned towards Eunbi.  “Are you okay if you stayed to my place? I can convince her if you don’t want to.” I whispered to Eunbi. I don’t want her to feel obligated to sleep at my place because Winter want to be with her. and I don’t want to be stocked at the situation that I practically bring.


“Yes I is okay. Don’ act like we didn’t share the same bed.” She has a point there but still I want to make sure that we are on the same page here. “I will just message Yena that I won’t be coming home for tonight ok?” I gave her a nod as an answer and I turned back my attention to the Kid who’s happily eating her meal.


“Hey you will stay at my place She will be with us don’t worry.”


“Thank you ma’am you are very kind hearted.” How on the world this kid is well spoken? Usually at this age some kids are very bratty and always sounds like they are spoiled brat. Maybe growing up in an orphanage have to do with this.


Our supposed to be romantic date turned into taking care of a kid who’s a bit messy on eating her food. Well no that messy but she’s still a kid so you need to respect her to be mess even if we tried our best to make sure that she’s as neat as possible.


“I have a question.” Winter raised her hands like she’s asking a question from school.

“Go ahead darling what is it?” Eunbi said as she wiped Winter’s mouth.


“Are you a couple?” It stunned us how on earth this kid has an idea that we are couple. Normally at this age the only couple they knew is between the opposite but how did she have an idea of having a couple with the same ?


“How can you say that?” Eunbi asked.


“Because you are dressed up eating at night together in restaurant with candle on it. I saw it in a drama that our guardian always watches. You guys are on uhm?” She crossed her arms and squinted like she’s thinking hard on the word that she is looking for. “Oh date, that’s what our guardian said. “


Eunbi ruffled the kids had and chuckled. “Yes we are on a date but we are not yet a couple, and I think you should stop watching too much drama on TV kids shouldn’t watch that kind of drama.”


Winter pouted. “Ok.”


As we finished our meal I called my river to pick us up. Eunbi carried Winter because she looks like she’s about to fall asleep. And I am correct she’s already asleep her head is rested on Eunbi’s arms.


“Is she asleep already?”


“Yeah I think she is tired.”


“Do you think there is still a mal that is open at this hour?” Eunbi asked.


“I don’t think so why?”


“She doesn’t have clothes to change she need to change to something much comfortable.” Oh I forget about that part.


“Let’s go to the hotel.” Eunbi raised one of her eyebrow at me. “Don’t look at me like that I think we sell some kids clothes in our souvenir shop at hotel as far as I remember I told one of our staff there to make sure to stock some essentials just in case one of our guest needs one.”


“Ok bit no dirty thoughts tonight ok the kid might wake up.”


“You are the only one who’s thinking about tat Eunbi.”


“I am just saying, just to make sure you won’t do something in appropriate while winter is with us tonight.”


“Ok chill woman.”  After few minutes the car arrived and I told the driver to go to the hotel. Luckily it is not that far.


“Stay here.” I told Eunbi just to stay at the car because Winter is still sleeping.


“No how would you know her size I’ll wake her in a bit just wait for us.” She lightly shakes Winters shoulder to wake her up. “Darling wake up let’s buy so

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