Castle In The Sky
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Eunbi’s POV


“They are my parents.” Sakura, Chaeyon, Hyewon and I was stunned when Winter pointed at Me and Sakura and said it a little bit too loud and I think that some of our employee’s heard it. Because it went silent on the lobby.


Chayeon give us a look. And we didn’t have an idea why is she looking at us like that. “Um Darling we are not yet your parents but I am adopting you ok?” Winter then looked at Sakura bit teary eyed then hugged one of my leg.


“Why she doesn’t like me?” Sakura was a bit mortified on what she heard.


I carried her and whispered my words because I don’t want everybody to hear what I am going to say, it is okay if Hyewon and Chaeyeon would hear what I will say because they are our secretary but the other employee’s? They don’t need to hear about it. “No darling it’s just that we are not yet together and we are not yet married so I am going to adopt you but if we got together you will be our daughter right SAKURA?” I emphasize her name to make sure she will follow up on what I am saying.


“Yes she is right. Come with me. Mommy Eunbi is a bit busy today ok Aunt Chaeyeon and I will take care of you ok?” Winter happily hugged Sakura’s neck


I know that Sakura is doing that just to make Winter assure that she wants her. I just came to me that Winter really likes Sakura, her smiles are so bright when Sakura said that she will be the one who’s going to take care of her for the day.


“Let’s Go to our offices now.” I said to the three ladies who’s admiring my daughter. Yes, you read it right she’s now my daughter even though the adaption isn’t finalized.


As we enter the elevator Sakura and Winter are giggling. “Ms. Miyawaki you are in the office so please be professional when you are here as a CEO.” I coldly told Sakura, it is good for our employees to see the more humane side of us, but when you showed too much they will abuse it or worse they might use it against us.


“Under stood Ms. Kwon.” Sakura simply answered.


Before I forgot I need to instruct her about Winter’s things. “her extra clothes are in this bag there are also some snacks if she gets hungry, ask her what she wants to eat for lunch, if I’m not that busy I might join you ok?” I handed her the bag but she’s still carrying Winter and her bag.


“Ms. Lee Can you get that for me?” Chaeyeon just nod and get the bag from me.


“Thank you and sorry to bother you, Sakura will explain to you the whole situation.” I whispered to her. I know that she’s still in pain but I can see that she accepted that Sakura and her doesn’t have a chance to be together.


“no worries Ma’am if Ms. Miyawaki got busy I’ll take care of her.” It is a relief that I can trust her even if Sakura got busy.


“Thank you.” Few more floors and I’m going out now to the floor where my office is.


“Bye darling I’ll see you at lunch ok?”


“ok.” I kissed her cheeks and she giggled.


“Let’s go Ms. Kang.” She waved her hands to the three and followed me. I know she’s so curious on what is happening to us and why is there baby in the picture all of a sudden.


As soon as I sat down on my table and Ms. Kang on her place in my office where I designated her as of now due to the report that we are finishing I speak to clear thongs out. “Don’t get the wrong idea Ms. Kang we are not yet together and the kid just happened last night so we are not hiding that kid from the company.”


Hyewon giggled at me. So she can really show some emotions huh. “Why are you explaining to Ma’am you have your own life even if you hide your child for even ten years I wouldn’t mind it.”


“Ms. Kang you should simile more your much more beautiful when you smile. And thank you for understanding my point.”


“Thank you Ma’am.” After that we barely talked to each other because of the work we need to finish so I won’t do much when I came home, speaking of home I will have to explain the situation to Yena.



Sakura’s POV


As soon as we entered my office I let Winter sit on the couch on my office I gave her the teddy bear to play with. I opened my computer to check some e mails that I might have missed yesterday. It is a good thing that nothing much has been happening within the hotel. I just need to set a new goal for the upcoming quarter.


“Mom?” I was bit shoc

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