Castle In The Sky
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Eunbi's POV


The night has become colder. Mornings that made my heart flutter by just waking up with the person I love beside me became morning where there's an empty space in the bed. I thought after the event everything will be more chill and relax for me and Sakura. But I'm wrong, Sakura became busier because there's a problem on her parent’s company that she needs to fix.


Winter and I are practically living in Sakura's place but we barely see her now. She will come home very late and she will go to her parent’s company early in the morning. The only time we can talk is when she has a spare time to spare.


"Hey why are you still up?" That's the first thing Sakura said as soon as she entered the house. She looks like she's about to pass out right now. You can tell that she's way too tired.


"Come here sit first." I patted the empty space in the sofa. She sat down and hugs my waist and buried her face on my chest. It breaks my heart to see her this tired.


"Did you eat your dinner?" She shook her head.


"Babe it's already one in the morning and you haven't eaten yet?"


"Don't be mad I'm tired." A deep sigh came out of me. Well I can't get mad at her she's working her of the whole week.


"What do you want to eat? I will cook it for you?"


"Just some instant ramen and kimchi or pickled radish."


"That's not healthy babe." Why is it that I'm like forcing my kid to eat healthy food. Did I sign up for this?


"But please babe that's what I want. Please let me eat it." Now she's whining like a kid.


"Ok you win. Do you want some eggs with it?"


"Can you also put fry some spam with it?"


"No that's too much salt." I crossed my arms acting like a mother.


"Please babe." Ok I give up with this big baby.


"Ok, ok. Take a bath first then I'll cook whatever you want." She clapped her hand and rushed towards our room.


I cook her instant ramen, spam and kimchi for the two of us. I kind of get hungry while waiting for her.


She's eating her noodles sloppily Right now and that made me laugh. "Hey are you really the CEO of the Castle. The feared Ms. Miyawaki Sakura?"


"Yeah why?" I wiped her stained lips.


"You are too cute to be a fierce CEO darling."


"Well I'm not a CEO right now I'm just your baby right?" Right she's my baby. Uhh she's so cute I want to pin her down to the bed and cuddle with her.


"Ok big baby. Do you have work later?" I asked Sakura to make sure that she doesn't have work on Saturday.


"No I filed a leave today. Oh I forget to tell you I'll be leaving for a business meeting this week." I pout she will not be here again.




"Hey don't be like that."




"Because if you keep doing that my heart can't leave you like this."


"Then don't go baby."


"I can't my parents will kill me." I forced a smile and stayed quiet. After we eat our dinner we went to bed and I just hugg

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