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Castle In The Sky
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Sakura’s POV


Eunbi is bit upset on what I did to her earlier. Well I gave her a very hard time on her presentation on her project. Well what can I do it has loop holes and it has problems so I need to pin point those things. Besides that, if I go easy on her the management might think that I am going soft on her because we are in a relationship, even though we are not together yet. I don’t want them to think that I have a bias on my decision. But I think I over did it because she is upset at me.


She is nagging at me like an upset girlfriend or wife right now. “Don’t you think this project is too over achieving.” I she mocked one of what I said earlier I found if funny because she is now making some face.


“So you are upset because of me because on what did I do to you earlier?”


“Yes, you are courting me you should more softer on your approach-“to that I kissed her at first I want it to be a shut up kiss to stop her from nagging because that’s what I’ve seen on drama they kiss their girlfriend to shut them up. But that light kiss escalated into a much deeper kiss. As we stopped kissing I saw her blushing really hard.


“Let’s go get our kid.” I don’t know where did I get that confidence to kiss her like that.


The car ride to the orphanage is so silent but not awkward she smiling foolishly while touching her lips. Why is she acting like it’s our first time to kiss? Or maybe it is because it is the first time we kissed without any ual meaning behind it. I prefer the latter part.


As I casually glimpse at her I questioned myself when did I start liking her? is it recent accusation why did I suddenly gave her flowers on her third year anniversary? Do I already have feelings for her that time? Why am I asking this right now is it important? it past is past the most important thing right now is I like her and I want to be with her and I want to make this budding relationship to work.


"stop looking at me and focus on the road I want to get to Winter in one piece. I know that I'm beautiful but please Winter is waiting for us" Eunbi suddenly blurted out.


"Ok sorry. Should we go shopping first before we eat our dinner?"


"Sure Winter needs clothes maybe some toys and books. Also I need to get some groceries for her."


"Ok we have a lot of things to do maybe we should change our clothes first after we get Winter. I don't want to roam around with work clothes." It's not that comfortable to buy things in this kind of clothes it irritates me.


"Yeah that's a good idea, I should just borrow some clothes from you. Your house is much closer than mine and I'm too tired to have a round trip to my place then go to the mall."


"Speaking of home how many times would you and winter stay in my place?" I am not assuming I could stay at her place I still want her to have her own personal life with Winter and not just always be with me.


"It's up to you don't you want to have an alone time with her?"


"Don't get me wrong here ok? But I am much more assure to have you while I'm with Winter rather than just the two of us. I know myself I'm too careless and I do not want something bad happen to Winter because of my carelessness." I know that I'm capable of taking care of Winter but I space out a lot or I have way too many work or a sudden meeting came up."


"Ok but you should work on that I am not always be with you and Winter."


"Ok so you can sleep at my house for five days?"


"That's way too long how about three days?"

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