Castle In The Sky
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Author’s POV


"Eunbi" a smile creeped into Sakura’s lips as soon as she has read the note. Sakura know this is much cheaper rather than what Sakura have treated her last night but the fact that Eunbi makes time to prepare a home cooked meal is a great gesture.


Sakura is about to open the container when someone suddenly speaks. "Eunbi huh?" Sakura saw he best friend crossed arms while leaning on the wall.


"Since when where you there?"


"All this time. Don't mind me go ahead open up your meal." Chaeyeon sat down across me and watched Sakura as I'm eating. Chaeyeon is carefully watching Sakura who’s now eating her lunch, but Sakura is bothered by the watchful eyes of Chaeyeon.


"If you want to ask something ask. Don't watch me as I eat it's getting uncomfortable you know."


"Since when you've become close with Ms. Kwon?" Her voice is stern but you can tell that it has a tone that is full of question.


"Where not that close." Sakura answered as if nothing happened the night before.


"Calling her Eunbi and she's calling you by your first name? That sounds to me like you are very close."


"Are you jealous that she might replace you as my best friend?" Sakura asked her and Chaeyeon didn't answer to her. "Don't worry about it nobody is going to replace my best friend." Chaeyeon rolled her eyes.


"I know that it's just that weird that you went out for a dinner last night."


"How did you know that we went out last night?" Sakura placed her utensils on the table and looked at Chayeon with a stern look, because she knows that something is wrong right now.


"It's just that." Chayeon is fidgety right now.


"What?" Sakura’s voice pitched a little.


"I read the note that's attached to that."


"I know that you're my best friend but you can't just read someone's note without any permission."


"But I am your best friend Kkura!"


"Don't raise your voice to me Ms. Lee I'm still the CEO. May I just remind you that we are at work even if it is lunch break be professional and don't mix your emotions with work. If you want any information about that ask me after work."


"Ok Ma'am I'm sorry."


"And even if I am your best friend heck I even consider you as a little sister you should pry on my private life because you want to. Let me tell you about those things to you I am not hiding anything from you so don’t do it again.”


Chaeyeon couldn’t answer to that. She couldn’t handle the reality that Sakura just view her as a little sister. Her first love that she would sacrifice anything just to make her happy looks at her like a sister and that means there wouldn’t be a chance that she would look at her the same as she looks at Sakura.


“I am not mad Ms. Lee I just don’t tolerate those kind of actions. So don’t do it again.” Sakura isn’t that numb she knows that she hurt Chayeon’s feelings but she need to be strict when it comes to that she won’t tolerate those kinds of things because once she ignored those kind of actions it would happened al

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