Castle In The Sky
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Wonyoung’s POV


“What time is will your shift ends?” I am a bit shocked on what she said to me why is she asking my schedule all of a sudden?


“Excuse me ma’am what did you just ask?” I just want to be sure on what she asked I don’t want to assume things.


“I just ask what time will your shift end?” She repeated what she said.


“I am sorry to tell you ma’am but that is a bit confidential to ask.” Technically it is not but I don’t want to take chances, like what if she is thief that want to ask the schedule of the employees or something similar to that sense.


“Common I just want somebody to accompany me for a bit.” Ok another somehow indecent proposal, I usually get this from male guests but it is the first time that a female guest ask me to go out with them.


“I am sorry Ma’am but I don’t go out with the guest here.” I politely rejected her.


“Please just this once I am bit lonely traveling alone. Don’t worry about any expenses I will pay for it.” Ok that is a bit rude.


“Ma’am I am not rejecting you because of the expenses I am rejecting your offer because I don’t like to go out with our guest here I don’t want any trouble around here.”


“Ok then. And Sorry for sounding like a jerk who can just bring up the money talk in the table just to attract someone.” At least she knows to herself that she sounded like a jerk there.


“It is ok Ma’am I don’t take it personally.” I just said that because I don’t want to look like a weak employee even though I am bit hurt on what she said. Like do I look like may free time could be bought by money or something if she just said she would like to have a date with me and she persuade me more I would give in but she didn’t have to bring up the money talk on the table.


“Again I am really sorry about it.” I just bitterly smiled at that. “I guess See you around?”


“Ok Ma’am Have a nice day.” She then walked outside the lobby. Her usual confident walk now has a slouch on it.


“She seems to be a nice person, but she said about the money is a bit a jerk moves right?” Oh I forgot that Yuta is still here.


“Yeah she’s actually nice I didn’t expect her to bring up the money thingy in the conversation. If she just said that she just wants to hung out or something like that I would give in.” Yuta gave me a teasing smile; I just realize what just I said it is kind of embarrassing that Yuta need to hear those things


“So if she just approaches in the right way you’ll have a date with her?”


“Hey she didn’t want a date she wants someone to accompany her. she didn’t specifically say that she wants to have date with me.” Now I am blushing.


“Ok if you say so.”


“You know what you should do your job you heard her request why are you still here you should be doing your job right now.” He just wants to hear some gossip right now. This guy loves gossip.


“Ok, see you just page me if there are any request in our department.” He then waves his hands to me.


My bit thrilling morning became boring again, I kind of miss Hitomi right now I don’t have someone to talk to right now. I hate Monday sifts time really slows down nothing’s happening. I just fixed the schedule for our department because Hitomi said that I should do it because I am in the morning shift and I am the only one who can work on it while she’s at the grave yard shift that sneaky manger I am going to . there is something that came up to my mind should I play cupid? So I dialed the housekeeping department


“Hello housekeeping.” I heard Yuta from the other

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