Castle In The Sky
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Authors POV


Sakura woke up really earl just to pick up the dress that she will give to Eunbi. Well she kind of overboard on giving Eunbi Versace. But it is for Eunbi so it is okay why would you cheap out to the person you are practically courting right now. She also picked up Chaeyeon so that she can bring the flowers and dress that she bought for Eunbi. But she didn’t force Chaeyeon to bring that for her she volunteered to bring those things to Eunbi.


“So how did it go?” Sakura asked Chaeyeon.


“I gave it to her but there is someone also in her apartment.” Sakura suddenly looked bit confused because the first she went there Eunbi is living alone.


“Who?” Sakura sounded a little bit jealous there.


“Don’t act like she is your girlfriend already.” Cahaeyeon rolled he eyes to her best friend. “But to answer your question she’s just a friend and here is nothing going on between them.


“Ok.” Sakura still feels a little bit of jealous on the so-called ‘friend’ that Chaeyeon is talking about.


“Hey cheer up remember our second plan right? This is a good opportunity t have a good shot with Eunbi’s friend right?’


“You are right there Chae.” That made Sakura smile again. Sakura is very grateful that Chaeyeon is helping her right now because this us an unfamiliar territory for her. She may be god at her work stuff but she is not that good at romantic things.


“Oh by the way before we proceed o our second plan what are you going to wear at your date?”


“I am planning t wear some working clothes like blazer and pencil skirt like that because it is formal date you know.” Sakura answered confidently but that made Chaeyeon slap her fore head.


“Kkura you are not going to a meeting you are going on a date.”


“So what should I ware should I wear some pants and long sleeves?” Chaeyeon is now thinking that her friend is very dumb.


“No of course not. You should wear a dress but not that striking you should make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman. Maybe you should wear a white simple dress.”


"what's wrong with what I'm saying?" She's clue less on dating.


"Gosh after we prepared for our second plan let's go shopping for a bit."


It's about lunch time and Eunbi is too lazy to cook some lunch for her and Yena but she is obligated to do because Yena is still considered as a visitor.


"What do you want to eat for lunch?"


"Anything Japanese Food Korean food, anything you know how to make just make it." Yena said while she's laying down on the couch while scrolling through her phone.


Eunbi just groans and look something up from her fridge and pantry to look for something to Cook. "Hey should we just eat some sandwiches? I don't feel like cooking right now."




A few minutes of just sitting down and waiting for themselves to get hungry the doorbell rings again.


"Why the hell are people going to my place." Eunbi said with an irritated voice. As she opened the door there's a delivery guy holding a bunch of food.


"Is this Ms. Kwon Eunbi?"


"Yes why?"


"This is for you." The delivery ma handed Eunbi the food that he is holding. She's a bit confused on who ordered this? Maybe it's Yena?


"How much is this for?"


"It's already paid."


"Oh ok thank you."


Eunbi just placed the food on the table and started to fix the table so that they can start to eat. "I thought we should just eat some sandwiches? Am I that special to you that you've ordered a full course of Korean food?"


"Aren't you the one who ordered this?"


"Hell no I barely go here, how should I know a Korean restaurant in Japan. So nope not me."


"I think I know who it is. Prepare the table I'll just call her."


Eunbi dialed Sakura's phone number after a few rings Sakura answer the phone.


"Hello Eunbi why did you call?"


"Thank you." Eunbi sweetly said to Sakura which make Sakura's heart flutter. It's her first time that she heard Eunbi with a very sweet tone.


"For what?" Eunbi was a bit surprised because Sakura was stuttering.


"For the food and the gifts that you gave me earlier." Eunbi is now twirling her hair and smiling foolishly.


"Oh it's just a small thing."


"You call Versace small thing Sakura? How rich are you?"


"I'm not rich I can just afford that."


"Ok so see you later then?"


"Yeah see you later I'll pick you up."


After Eunbi put down her phone she squeals like a teenager who just talked to her crush for the first time.


"Did she say I love you to you?" Yena yelled at Eunbi.


"No." Eunbi sounded a bit defensive.


"Then why the hell are squealing like you're a teenager?"


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