Castle In The Sky
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Eunbi’s POV


“When will I have a baby brother or sister?” I think I stopped breathing for a solid five seconds when I heard Winter asked that. I looked at Sakura and she is as shocked as me, but she has the courage to speak about it.


“Uhm Winter we will have another baby when you grow up a little more.” I glared at Sakura we are not even together yet she’s already planning for another one? but come to think of it should we adopt another one or should we just look for a donor or something?


“Yes darling if we got married we will have another okay but for now just you okay?” I need to make it more clear to Winter she is a smart kid so she will understand about it.


Winter pouted. “Ok Mommy.”


Sakura patted Winter’s head and smiled. “Hey don’t be sad We will sleep together tonight ok?” wait what how can we fit in one bed? Ok she has a big bed and maybe we can fit on that but I want to spend my time with her alone. Now it is my time to pout.


“Hey are you upset again?” Sakura asked I don’t want to look immature to her because of my mood swings right now.


“No Just eat so we can go home already.”


While we are in the middle of eating, two ladies who’s wearing baggy clothes came in. as I saw who it is it gave me a smirk. “Kkura look.” I pointed at her best friend with my assistant. Sakura gave me a mischievous smile she seems plotting something on her head right now.


“Winter do you want to see aunt Chaeyeon and Hyewon?” Winter faces brighten up when Sakura said their name. this kid really loves people.


“Yes where are they?” Winter asked.


“There go to them and invite them to join us okay?” Sakura pointed where the two is and she run towards the two. I am watching Winter because she might trip on her own leg or something.


When they saw Winter they looked so confused and surprised they started to look for us. Winter didn’t come back until she’s with I am assuming couple. They look like they did something wrong to us while Winter is smiling ear to ear. Don’t get me wrong but they look like they just have and they got hungry after that, why they both have a little bit of a messy hair and their face are flushed.


“Good evening?” Chaeyeon greeted us.


“Oh good evening to the two of you why are you here?” Sakura asked with a mischievous tone on her voice.


“Mom they are here to eat they have food look.” Winter innocently tell Sakura, oh Winter you are too young to understand this situation.


“Oh what a smart kid.” Sakura ruffled Winter’s hair. “Since you are her why don’t you join us? Or you want some alone time for your mini date?” I glared at Sakura she is teasing them and they are getting shy about it.


“Oh I guess we Should just join them Chae.” Hyewon said. I think they should act normally they look like they have been caught by their parents in the middle of doing something.


“Why are you still outside as far as I remember the both of you have left the hotel earlier than usual.” Chaeyeon asked. That was understandable we left maybe at three in the afternoon and it is already nine in the evening.


“After we get winter we did some shopping and some groceries. After that we went here.” I explained to the two.


The dinner went well; Sakura didn’t stop teasing them with some innuendos so that Winter won’t get what we are talking about. This is one thing that I’ve observe to Sakura when we are out the office. She is very playful and caring to those people who are close to her, but when a stranger or someone who’s not that close to her approach us she become more closed and more reserve person. I think she likes to more careful when meeting new people or when interacting with people who’s not that close to her.


As we went home we already change and prepared to go to sleep. We let winter sleep first so that we can spend some time and do the dirty on the other room but expect the unexpected it i

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