Castle In The Sky
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Eunbi’s POV


It is very tiring and stressful day, I am physically and mentally tired right now. Sakura ad I decided to just pick up Winter in my place then travel back to her place. I know that is very inconvenient but Sakura and I still want to spend time with our child together at least for the night because we are really busy during the day and the past few days. and we don’t want Winter to feel that we don’t care for her. 


“Babe.” I called Sakura. if you are asking when did we call each other with that endearment I really don’t remember it just one day I realized that we are calling each other with that nickname.


“Yes?” She answered as she is focused on the road.


“Should we just move in with you?” I know that it is very straight forward to ask her we are not even together yet. But it is very inconvenient for us to do this for a long time.


“If you are thinking that if it is for convenience I wouldn’t agree with it.” Does she read my mind.


“Why what’s wrong with that? I don’t see anything wrong about it.”


“I feel like you are just forcing yourself just to move in with me because it is getting inconvenient, and I don’t like that, I won’t get tired of this in convenience because I love you both. If you want to move in with me the only reason that I want to hear is you want us to be a family.” That made my heart flutter, she’s right I am being selfish right now Didn’t hear any complaints from her but hear I am thinking that I should make things easy.


“I am sorry for being selfish.”


“It’s not a problem I understand that and I should say sorry, I know that you are just thinking for the both of us but I want to make sure that you still have your own time and you are not forced to stay with me because of Winter. And I don’t want to force anything that is going between us I want I to be somehow more natural.” That makes is very understandable.


“But if you get tired and if you find it very inconvenient please say it to me I don’t want to be a burden to you.”


“Babe you and Winter will never be a burden to me okay?” She then holds my hand to assure me. I just smile to her as an answer.


That makes me realize that Sakura is also thinking about being a family with us I am very grateful that I am not the only one who’s thinking about us being a family together. I will make things work out for us like Hyewon said to me don’t hope for something work for it, she’s right even if it won’t work out at least I tried and I don’t have any regrets. Heck why am I thinking about it right now.


We arrive at my apartment and as we enter my neat and tidy apartment turned into a mess. I saw Yena, Yuri and Winter covered with flour and there are toys all over the place.


“What are you doing?” The three stopped on what the hell are they doing and the two adults and I kid looked at me with all smiles.


“Mommy! Mom!” Winter run and hugs me and Sakura now Sakura and I are also having flour in our clothes. “Aunt Yuri, aunt Yena and I are baking some cookies.”


“Wow! Really let’s bring some in your mom’s house ok?” I smiled at her but as soon as I look to the couple I glared at them.


“Ok Mommy.”


“Now take a bath before we go.” Winter run to take a bath. Now time for the couple who also made a mess. “Now for the two of you what kind of recipe of cookies are you doing?”


“A Chocolate chip cookie we made a lot you can have some.” Yena smiled like there is nothing happened to my precious apartment.


“Does the recipe say throw some flour on the floor?” Now they looked around and realize on the mess that they did.


“Hey your daughter also part of this mess but why are we the only one who’s getting scolded.” Yuri complained.


“I will later.” That’s a lie I don’t have the heart to scold my precious daughter. “But the both of you are adults how come there are a lot of flour in the floor.”


“It’s her fault.’ They both said at the same time while pointing to each other.


“You know what just clean the place. Kkura help them I will fix our daughters things.” I said with a very commanding voice.


“Why am I also getting scolded? I am with you the whole day.” I just ignored what Sakura said and processed to my room to get some clothes.


Sakura’s POV


The moment Eunbi said that she wants to mov

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