Castle In The Sky
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Hitomi’s POV


Being a front desk manager is really hard especially for me, I can say that I am way too young for this position but the previous manger recommended me for this position, and I don’t know what is going in within the HR department and the higher ups why did they put me in this position. especially I got promoted on my second year here at the hotel. Well I am not complaining about my promotion but I can say that there are a lot of people who are well fitted to this position.


They always say that the front desk is the shock absorber of the hotel, and I can prove that. If there are complaints on the room even in the restaurant we are the one who are talking to the guest and constantly thinking of different ways to deal with the guest especially those guest who have a bad attitude. Any kind of customer complaint will be going through us.


“Hey manager what should we eat after our shift.” My youngest employee asked me.


“Wonyoung there are three more hours before our shift will be finished.” I whispered back to here.


“But still I will treat you just suggest a place or even a street food that we should eat?” It is rare for her to treat me does she got some big tip from the other day?


“How much did the rich girl tipped you?”


“Way too much so I’ll treat you.”


“what a lucky girl. Why did you even help her that time? I know from your attitude that you don’ really like very rich guest because of their attitude.”


“Well nobody is around so I am forced to and besides she’s not that bad she’s actually nice.”


Before I can speak the phone for reservation ring. Wonyoung insisted that she will do it, so I let her do it. Well it’s been a while since I’ve monitored her doing her job She’s almost a month on the grave yard shift and I don’t usually go through that shift because I am way more needed here at the morning. She’s doing the proper procedure but it is still sloppy, maybe she got rusty because of that grave yard shift it is rare for that shift to have reservation. After a few minutes her talking she finally finished.


“Getting rusty huh” I said while she’s typing the information to the computer.


“Yeah that’s why I hate graveyard shift nothing is happening.”


“you still did a great job though. But you miss something important.” She looked at me then she looked at the form that she filled up for the guest.


“What is it I think I did it all and I filled up the form properly. Are you just nit picking again?”


“I am not you forgot to smile while talking to the guest.”


“Come on that’s not that important they do not see me while talking to them.”


“Didn’t I thought you that?”




“That you should still smile even if you are just talking to the guest trough phone call. They can still feel the tone that you are giving t them.” She sighed heavily.


“Ok I forgot about that part but you can’t blame me for that it is because of that damn graveyard shift.”


“Sorry for putting you there you know you are one of the people I trust to do a solo shift at night.”


“I understand that. Some our pioneer got fished by other hotel and some of our top performers are well got pressured and overwhelmed by the sudden surge of guest after the pandemic.”


“We can’t blame them for that, it is big responsibility for us to deal with every guest that enter this hotel, and every guest have different personality. We need to deal with every situation differently, for us we need to think way ahead of the situation and we need to have a great problem solving skills. If that pressure and stress hits you it will break you. remember this Wonyoung in our job physical health isn’t the only thing that we need but also the mental health. As a manger if you feel pressured and stressed you can tell me that you’re having a hard time.”


Wonyoung give me a smile. “As your friend you can also tell me if you are having a hard time. I can feel that stress and pressure what more when it comes to you. you are not just handling the guest’s problem you are also handling the problems of the department.” That was very touching words.


“You are talking big now huh? My baby is growing way too fast. I still remember the day that you got hired a clumsy baby who would cry easily if there is something she don’t know what to do, but now you are telling me that I can lean on you.” She rolled her eyes on me and she pouted. What a cutie.


“I am still your baby right? Or your new baby will be Nako?” Uh this kid after saying those touching words earlier now she’s teasing me.


“We are still at work so let’s not talk about that.”


“You should tell it this time the other day you promised to tell me on how did you know Nako but up until now you’re not telling me anything.” I can’t really escape this kid huh I should tell her.


“Ok but after work while we are eating.”  She clapped her hands due to excitement. I don’t really have a choice but to tell her.


After our shift we just went to a food hall and bought some takoyaki and some drinks then we look for sits where we can eat. I except her to ask already but she got distracted on eating. I can tell that she really is enjoying her food right now. Sometimes I forget that she’s very young, I always say that she’s my baby but in reality she’s all grown up she’s way mature for her age, I can say that you need to mature fast in this industry if you want t

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