Some Things Never Change


Many years have passed and life has definitely changed for Son Chaeyoung and Myoui Mina. However, some things never change.

This is the sequel of 'Silent Boy'

I'm back after a long time, lol!


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multistory 803 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 51: I binged the first story and the sequel in 2 days.. glad I’m all caught up and there’ll be updates
Myrulesmylife #2
Chapter 50: Atleast we have MAMA Myoui on our side
Minyeon-ah #3
Chapter 50: Ah everytime i read all the new chapter so fast 😅
Thank you for the update i looking forward for the next one 😁
bore_d1020 #4
Chapter 49: wow... that was really rude of Mr. Myoui.
and Chaeyoung is thinking of running away from Mina once again, even though this time is for his father's company. very surprised Chaeyoung mentioned Jimin, no matter the circumstance, it still think that was very wrong. good thing is that Mina is standing her ground, either be with Chaeyoung or she leave on her own.
coool~~ are they plotting a fight back on their parents? at least they will have Mr. Son to help if Chaeyoung tell his father.
Minyeon-ah #5
Chapter 49: Thanks for the update 😁
Minyeon-ah #6
Chapter 48: Wow the christmas update thank you :)
I feel the troubles is coming .....
bore_d1020 #7
Chapter 48: hmmm..... Tzuyu kinda manipulated Yeri there at the ending.
bore_d1020 #8
Chapter 47: Oh come to think of it, what will Mr. Chou do since Yeri has no background n no money to help with the Chous’ expansion.

And r we gonna see any actions from Chaeyoung? After all he’s heir to his father’s company too.
Myrulesmylife #9
Chapter 47: Tzuyu and yeri....
bore_d1020 #10
Chapter 47: Ooook….. that’s not very nice Tzuyu, Yeri is not a toy for u rich kids to play with. Even though Yeri needs help and all, still not nice. How will Tzuyu resolve this now?!