Chapter 30

What if Love
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Head thrown back, eyes close and earphones plugged inside her ear. The competition will start in a few minutes that’s why she’s here in the waiting area, meditating. She’s not confident, god no! as a matter of fact she’s trembling, she’s just good at hiding it.




Seungwan slowly opens her eyes when she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Ssaem”


Taeyeon beams. Since this is an official school business, a faculty chaperone is a must and as always, it was Taeyeon who gets to be with Seungwan. She was also the one who accompanied Seulgi last time. “You look very dapper in that suit”


A wardrobe malfunction happened. The staff in charge of the attires thought that ‘Seungwan’ was a guy’s name. He/she also didn’t bother checking the contestant’s gender and so, Seungwan ended up with a suit. The staff apologized multiple times but Seungwan assures her that everything is alright (what an angel).


It’s just a bummer she’s not wearing it on her prom but at least she’s wearing a suit, right?


“Thank you, ssaem” Seungwan smiles.


Also, it’s a consolation everyone thinks she’s rocking the suit more than the men participants. She made a mental note to take pictures so she can send them to Sooyoung later.


Speaking of Sooyoung…


Seungwan looks at her watch.


Prom is also about to start and she thinks that the seniors are already piling up at the entrance, already done with their red-carpet walk. She smiles imagining her girlfriend in that blue cocktail dress, cat-walking down the red-carpet. All eyes turn to her as she enters the door.


It would’ve been perfect if she was standing beside Sooyoung but the thought it was Yerim accompanying her girlfriend, and not someone else, calms her heart.


“Are you okay?”


Seungwan snapped out from her imagination. She smiles. “I’m fine, ssaem. Just nervous”


“Everyone are” Taeyeon looks around spotting different expressions and different attempts to calm their nervous nerves. She pats Seungwan’s shoulders. “I’ll be somewhere on your right side. I know it will be hard to see me because of my height but I’ll be there. I will be waving a huge banner with your name on it”


Seungwan laughs. It’s amazing how her Taeyeon-ssaem matches well with her name. “Thank you, ssaem”


“I’ll see you in a bit. Break a leg” Taeyeon made a fighting gesture before walking out from the room.


Seungwan was about to put the earphone back on but someone else stood up in front of her.


“Seungwan, right?” Seungwan swallows before nodding. She knows him but how did he knows her? He smiles. “I’m Sungjae” he extended his hand for a shake.


Seungwan took the hand. She was sitting down and he was standing up, the height difference should make her feel intimidated but oddly it doesn’t. Does it have something to do with the thought of Sooyoung is now hers and no longer his? Maybe, but Seungwan will never boast.


“Nice to meet you, Sungjae-ssi”


“I just wanted to say goodluck” he said when their hands disconnected.


Seungwan thinks he’s really a nice guy, and she will surely ship him with Sooyoung. If only Sooyoung wasn’t her girlfriend. “Goodluck to you too”










The guy mentioned and Seungwan, who is also still in the room, turned to the door. They were the only ones left in the room because they, unfortunately, drew the last two spots. Seungwan drew the last spot while Sungjae is the second to the last.


“You’re up in a few minutes” she announced.


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