Chapter 15

What if Love
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There was an unusual bounce on Seungwan’s steps. Her confidence overflowing, radiating, and the smile on her face just doesn’t fade. She keeps giving out hi’s and hellos then nods to whomever she passes by, not minding if she knows the person or not.


“You look like you got laid” Yerim comments as soon as Seungwan reaches the lockers.


Seulgi beams at her best friend, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.


No one, not even Seulgi and Yerim, knew what Seungwan and Sooyoung did that night. All they know is that the two disappeared. When the party is over and it’s time to head back to their respective tents, Seungwan and Sooyoung are already in their tents, asleep, with clothes on.


“I didn’t” Seungwan said happily. “But we already said I love you to each other”


“Woaw!” Seulgi beams happily, high fiving her best friend.


“That’s a huge step but what I really want to know is where did the two of you run off to?” Yerim smiles teasingly, like she knows something.


Seungwan’s huge grin was replaced by a shy smile, and her cheeks reddening when she remembered the most eventful night of her life. Her whole body burned when she recalled how nice and smooth Sooyoung’s skin felt against hers, how her eyes were pampered by having Sooyoung’s perfect body laid out in front of her.


“Wow” Seungwan mindlessly blurted out.


It got Seulgi and Yerim snickering.


In all the years they’ve know each other, Seungwan has the most expressive face among the three of them. So, it’s not hard to guess what Seungwan is feeling at the moment and right now, this Seungwan in front of them clearly screams aroused.


“Please tell me you’re not thinking about something dirty”


Seungwan quickly turns rigid, wiping the dazed look on her face. Joohyun’s monotonous tone is hella scary, she doesn’t want to be caught imagining dirty things about her favorite cousin.


“Hey Hyun” Seulgi greets as Joohyun walks past Seungwan straight into Seulgi’s open arms.


“As long as those dirty thoughts involve me, I don’t mind” Sooyoung plants a quick kiss on Seungwan’s lips. “Hey Wannie”


Seungwan beams like a fool when Sooyoung finally pulls away.


Yerim grumbles. “I hate that campsite!”








The two nights that Yerim was away, she wasn’t able to sleep well. Not when her mind is continously plagued by Nayeon and her terrified expression, so the moment her class ended she made a mad dash towards the door. Yerim passes by Seungwan and Seulgi by the lockers. She mouthed ‘I’ll head first’ to her unnies and hoped they understood her.


Yerim arrives in Nayeon’s school breathless and sweating. Thank god it’s just a couple of blocks away from their school and it made her wonder, why didn’t they cross path sooner?




Yerim arrives at the same time Nayeon walks out of the gates. She smiles, but still heaving. “Hi” she subtly wipes the sweat off of her forehead.


“What are you doing here?” Nayeon asks, brows furrowed in confusion because the last time she checked they didn’t talk about meeting today.


“I thought I’d walk you home” Yerim beams.


Nayeon smiles, who was she to deny Yerim when she too wants to have a moment with the other girl?




The whole walk was pleasant. They talk about everything except that night and Yerim didn’t bother to bring it up. If Nayeon isn’t comfortable talking about it then she won’t push her.


“How was the camping trip?”


“It was alright. Nothing eventful except for my unnies being taken”


“You don’t seem happy”


“I am. I helped them get their girls, somewhat”


“So you’re telling me you’re the wing woman and you’re good at it?” Nayeon laughs. “Then why are you still single?”


“I don’t know” Yerim shrugs. “Maybe I’m already content of being a wing woman or I haven’t found the one yet”


“I hope it’s the latter”


They resume talking about random things and before they know it they’re already in front of Nayeon’s house. Nayeon fidgets before turning to Yerim, who is giving her a worried look.


“I know what you’re doing, Yerim. And I’m thankful but you don’t have to keep doing this”


“I know” Yerim swallowed the lump on . “Just tell me if I’m making you uncomfortable and I swear I’ll stop”


Nayeon shakes her head. “You make me feel a lot of things, Yerim-ah, but uncomfortable is not one of them. I just… I can’t keep relying on yo–”


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