Chapter 54

What if Love
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Taeyeon looks back. “You guys are here!”


“Of course! We wouldn’t miss your wedding” Seulgi beams.


“We brought champagne” Seungwan held the bottled up.


“And I brought the glass!” Yerim carefully place the champagne flutes on the table.


“Are you allowed to drink, unnie?” Seulgi worriedly asks.


“I don’t care. I need the drink” Taeyeon approach the table as Seungwan is opening the bottle.


Seungwan made sure to fill the glasses to the brim.


Everyone took a glass and together yelled cheers. The three younger girls laugh because after their toast, Taeyeon consumed her drink in less than a second.


“Easy tiger!” Yerim chuckles. “We don’t want Tiffany-unnie killing us because her bride can’t walk properly down the aisle”


Taeyeon filled her glass again, ready for round two but she was immediately stopped by Seulgi.


“Unnie, I don’t think that is a good idea”


“Guys I’m freaking out. I’m nervous! I need this” Taeyeon looks at Seulgi pleadingly.


Seulgi shared a look with Seungwan and Yerim, the duo nods. She let go of Taeyeon’s hand and let their unnie consume another glass of champagne.


Seungwan snickers and it caught everyone’s attention.


“Why?” Seulgi asks.


Seungwan shakes her head. “Nothing. I just… I remembered we used to drink only beer, now we’re drinking champagne” she beams. “We leveled up”


“We leveled up big time” Yerim added, drinks her champagne. “Tae-unnie honestly, I thought you and Tiffany-unnie will be the first to get marry in your group”


Taeyeon shrugs. “The guys made an arrangement”


“Arrangement?” Yerim asks.


Taeyeon nods. “There are five of us, we decide the order by who catches the bouquet”


Seungwan chokes on her champagne while Yerim laughs.


“Really?” Seulgi had to ask.


“Really” Taeyeon answers. “But we’re considerate. If someone wants to get marry first, we let them”


“Well, did someone volunteered to be first?” Seungwan asks.


“No” Taeyeon laughs. “Don’t get me wrong, we’re not afraid of getting married. We just… thought it would be fun”


“That’s actually genius” Yerim wonders.


“Right?” Taeyeon beams. “We unconsciously let the girls decide. If they badly want get marry, they will catch the bouquet if not then they will let others get it”


Seulgi turns to Seungwan with a big smile on her face. “Should we do that?”


Seungwan mirrors Seulgi’s smile, but she’s looking at Yerim. “Should we?”


Yerim nods. “We should”








Seungwan is fixing herself in front of the mirror, dress suit on (and rocking it). She’s almost done and ready to go to work, after she finish fixing her hair. She’s in the process of tying her hair when her sight landed on the smooth of Sooyoung through the mirror. She stares.


Seungwan never once did use the boss card. She was always on time, and never skips a workday because she needs to set a good example to her employees. Even special occasions doesn’t stop her from coming to work. But right now, staring at her girlfriend, she’s itching to use that boss card.


Screw it! No one gets mad at their boss!


Seungwan stood up from the chair, took off her blazers and approach the bed. She starts giving kisses on Sooyoung’s shoulder going to her neck.


Sooyoung groans when she felt something wet, firm muscle tickling her. “Wan?” Seungwan stops that delicious neck of her girlfriend, plants a kiss before humming. “Not going to work?”


“Half day” Seungwan answers briefly. She pushes herself up a little so Sooyoung can turn to face her.


“Why?” Sooyoung, now laying on her back, furrows her brows. “Are you feeling okay?”


Seungwan clenched her jaw. Sooyoung just showed her bare front to her hungry eyes, and now she’s close to not coming to work.


“I’m fine” Seungwan lowers herself on Sooyoung’s body and starts nipping on that neck again.


Instinctively, Sooyoung’s eyes close and her hand shot up to the back of Seungwan’s head, urging her on.


“Wan~” Sooyoung moans, her other hand scratched lightly on Seungwan’s clothed back. “Wait” she pushes Seungwan off when she finally realizes that Seungwan is already in her work outfit.


“What’s wrong?” Seungwan left a good amount of space between their bodies.


“Your clothes will get wrinkle. You hate going to work in wrinkled suit”


Seungwan smirks. “Should I take it off then?”


Sooyoung also smirks. “Let me take it off for you”


Seungwan ended up calling in sick –lovesick. But the office, especially her dad, doesn’t have to know that. And since it’s a holiday, Sooyoung too doesn’t have work. It gave Seungwan the privilege to ogle at her girlfriend (and that glorious bum) while she works around the kitchen.


6 years of being together and she’s still head over heels for Sooyoung.


6 years of being together and her love is still the same, no scratch that, it’s even stronger.


6 years and never once did she look at other girls, didn’t even think about cheating.


They spent 4 years apart, had some pretty close calls but they managed to pull through, they didn’t give up on each other no matter how hard everything is, they beat long distance and manage to stay together, they proved that long distance relationship works if two souls are willing.


Seungwan thinks 6 years is enough to prove that they really love each other, and she thinks it’s time to take everything to the next level.


Seungwan’s eyes instinctively closes when she felt Sooyoung’s lips on her. She looks at her girlfriend weirdly when Sooyoung pulls away.


“You were stating into space but smiling” Sooyoung sat on the chair beside her. “What are you thinking about?”


“I forgot to tell you. Dad wants me to accommodate this important investor coming from Boston”


Sooyoung hums, plac

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