Chapter 40

What if Love
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“Order whatever you want, Yerim-ah” Seungwan says as they settle down on their table. Sooyoung is sitting beside her while Yerim sat across from her, all have their respective menus given by the waiter before he left.


Seungwan and Seulgi made a pact of treating Yerim because the kid helped them in so many ways with their love lives. But Yerim knows it was just an excuse, they just want her to somewhat forget about Nayeon and she lets them be, after all, who doesn’t love to be spoiled, right? At first it was just Seulgi and Seungwan, until Joohyun and Sooyoung found out about it. The girlfriends insist on sharing the load of paying for Yerim’s treats. Of course, Seulgi and Seungwan refused but the other girls doesn’t back down.


During one of their movie marathon, Yerim remembered sitting on Seungwan’s sofa, popcorn on hand, as she watches team bottom and team top duking it out.


It was amusing, Joohyun was dishing out cost and efficiency while Sooyoung, from the sidelines, keeps feeding facts to her cousin. Yerim honestly thinks, if they were given enough time, Joohyun and Sooyoung would’ve made a whole power point presentation of why their girlfriends should let them split the bills.


They are not student council president and secretary, respectively, for no reason.


Yerim also remembered laughing at the defeated faces of her Seulgi-unnie and Seungwan-unnie. Her ever so soft unnies don’t stand a chance against their strong-willed girlfriends. The decision was made, they reluctantly agreed to let their girlfriends tag along.


It was too late when they realize what the soft bottoms did. They should’ve thought that using her brain was Seungwan’s main strength (she’s not on top of their class for no reason). They have taken Yerim out on a date for a couple of times now, 6 to be precise (marking this as the 6th), and the girlfriends still haven’t spent a single penny.


Sneaky, sneaky little Son Seungwan.


“I was honestly expecting an arcade or a game shop” Seungwan spoke, eyes scanning the simple interior of the restaurant Yerim picked for this date.


They were again left alone after the waiter jot down their orders.


“For a change” Yerim shrugs. “I’m tired of looking at characters on screen. And besides, you at playing. Joohyun-unnie, who doesn’t know much about games, play much better than you”


Seungwan squints her eyes. It’s true she at playing games, but she’s trying. It’s not her fault she’s not gifted in playing games.


Yerim turns to Sooyoung. “Unnie how’s job hunting?”


“Alright, I think?” Sooyoung smiles. “The ice cream place near our school is hiring, I might apply there”


“Our favorite place?” Seungwan asks.


Sooyoung nods. “Seohyun-unnie told me to tell you she misses her regular costumers”


“Don’t worry, we’ll come visit one of these days” Seungwan assured.


“I’m sure Seungwan-unnie will be there every day once you start working, unnie” Yerim teased.


Seungwan smiles sheepishly because Yerim just read her mind. She was indeed planning on frequenting the place once Sooyoung starts working there. You know, girlfriend duties.


Yerim ended up teasing Seungwan and Sooyoung joining in.


They were completely minding their own business when the people on the adjacent booth starts having a confrontation, their voices are getting louder for them to ignore.


Yerim, who can see through the partition, clenched her teeth. She’s seated in the position where she can see the people on the other booth. She locked gaze with the girl on the other booth who just smiles at her. She shakes her head disapprovingly. She’s strongly against this plan all along.


“That’s too risky, unnie” Yerim frowns, not liking Chaeyoung’s idea.


Chaeyoung smiles. “I’m up for a little risk if that means it will correct my mistake”


Yerim shakes her head, still not liking the plan. “And the place?”


“The place is owned by a good friend. She agreed not to take costumers that day, just us”


Yerim tangles her fingers with her hair. “You already thought about this didn’t you?”


“I haven’t thought about the after, but I’ll think about it when I get there” Chaeyoung smiles. “So how about it, Yerim-ah. Will you help me?”


“Of course, I will help you. I have to keep you all safe”








“Thank you” Chaeyoung thanked the waiter after placing her food on the table in front of her.


“I was going to ask what’s the occasion but then I remember you’re leaving tomorrow”

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