Chapter 48

What if Love
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“I object to this! I refuse this kind of treatment!” Yerim slumped her body in the middle of the bed, arms and legs spread like an eagle. She turns to her side to look at her unnies who are busy fixing their stuffs. “Unnies~” she whines.


Seulgi laughs. “It’s funny how it’s us who won’t be sharing the same room with our girlfriends yet you’re the one whining”


“We all know Tae-unnie” Seungwan smiles. “We know she has valid reason why she specifically instructed Saeron to have the three of us in one room and the cousins on the other”


Yerim really thought she will have a room to herself and she will leave the couples to themselves. This small house has five rooms goodness gracious! There’s plenty of rooms to choose and she can pick the room farthest from the couples so she wouldn’t hear unnecessary noises in the middle of the night.


“Oh wait! Lemme call her” Yerim took out her phone.


Seulgi and Seungwan just shakes their head. They just let Yerim call Taeyeon while they fix their things. Of course, their maknae put it on loudspeaker for everyone to hear.






“Oh Yerim-ah waszzup?”


Yerim heard hi’s and hello’s coming from the background. She smiles, she would’ve gone with the other unnies to Japan if she didn’t love her Joohyun, Seulgi, Seungwan and Sooyoung-unnie more (please don’t tell Taeyeon that, she thinks she’s Yerim’s favorite)


“Why did you let me room with Seungwan and Seulgi unnie~ whyyyyyyyyyyy~” Yerim whines.


“That was Yuri’s idea” Taeyeon laughs. “We don’t want Hyoyeon’s workers washing soiled bedsheets”


‘Unnie!’ Seungwan and Seulgi collectively reaction.


We can behave yourselves thank you very much -Seungwan


We know how to keep it to ourselves -Seulgi


Yea… yea… says the couples who acts like YulSic and TaeNy -Choi Sooyoung


They know, they were also on loudspeaker.


Taeyeon laughs. “It’s just for a week. I’m sure you won’t mind not sleeping with your girlfriend for a couple of days, right?”


Taeyeon-ah let’s go! Let the kids have fun -Tiffany


“Call me again if you need anything but don’t change rooms please. Call it Seungwan’s prelude”


Seungwan smiles. “Knew it”


“I’ll see you girls soon” With that, Taeyeon ended the call.


Seulgi looks at her best friend sadly. “Are you okay?”


Seungwan nods, a sad smile on her lips. “Let’s not think about that and besides, we’re here to have fun” she turns to Yerim. “Think of this as us having sleepover. We used to do that, just the three of us”


Yerim nods. She understands what Taeyeon is doing but she has a different outlook on this. She thinks Seungwan and Sooyoung should spend most of their time together while Seungwan is still here. They should adjust when Seungwan is already in Canada not while she’s still here with them.


“Unnies” Seungwan and Seulgi turns to her. “I have an idea”








“What did the others say we will do today?” Joohyun asks. They decided to take turns in fixing their stuff. Earlier when Sooyoung is fixing her things and placing them in the cabinet, she was resting. Now, it is Sooyoung who is resting while she’s fixing her stuf

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