Chapter 46

What if Love
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Seulgi, Seungwan and Yerim are back on Han river, mat laid neatly on the grass.


Yerim is laying spread-eagle in the mat while her unnies take out stuff from their picnic basket. She doesn’t know why her unnies insist on just the three of them, scratch that, she knows. “Unnies why didn’t we invite Joohyun-unnie and Sooyoung-unnie?”


“Because this is a WanSeulRim only event” Seulgi beams.


Yerim lazily turns to her unnies. “I know what you’re doing”


Seungwan stops and turns to Yerim. “We just don’t want you to feel left out, Yerim-ah. Besides, don’t we always do this before Seul and I had girlfriends?”


“Yea” Now it was Seulgi who stops and Seungwan took over. “Joohyun and Sooyoung already invaded weekend movie dates and weekly dates. Let us have this WanSeulRim only event strictly for tops”


“Top? Who? You two?” Yerim laughs mockingly. “You both are bottom, you can’t fool me” WanSeul pouts. “But okay, yea sure. We’ll have this WanSeulRim event strictly for the three of us”


Seulgi lay down beside Yerim and let Seungwan finish the preparation. “Yerim-ah how are you?”


Yerim turns to Seulgi. “I’m fine, unnie. Why?”


Seungwan who is almost done preparing their picnic meals stop to look at Seulgi as well. The atmosphere tells her Seulgi is going to ask that dreaded question.


“Are you and Nayeon still talking?”


“Sometimes. She’s busy nowadays so we rarely talk”


“Are you both together-together?”


“Like in a relationship?” Seulgi nods. “No…” Seungwan frowns, so did Seulgi. “We’ve decided that we’re better off as friends”


“You don’t believe that, right?” Seungwan asks.


Yerim shrugs. “It doesn’t matter what I believe in. She thinks we’re better off as friends and I’m taking it”




“It’s fine, unnie” Yerim cuts off Seungwan. “It’s not like I’m invested or something”


“But you are invested” Seulgi spoke up. “You two went through something together. You both are connected”


“Maybe… maybe not. All I know is that I’m fine with whatever” Yerim smiles.


Seungwan and Seulgi look at each other. They decide to drop the topic, Yerim might be their maknae but there are times she’s more of an unnie than a maknae.


“Let’s go out of town before Seungwan-unnie leaves” Yerim proposed, not wanting this gloomy feeling to linger.


“I like that” Seungwan agrees. “But where?”


“How about Jeju?” Seulgi proposed. “We can bring the girls this time. I’m sure Sooyoung will want to see her parents and Joohyun will be thrilled to see her auntie”


Yerim nods. “Let’s asks the other unnies!”


Seungwan nods. “Let’s do that”


Seulgi smiles. “The more the merrier, right?”


Seungwan and Yerim nods.








Yerim is all smile when she exited the game store. She’d been waiting months for this exclusive game and now that she has it, she can’t wait to binge play it.


“Watch out!”


Yerim questioned herself, why wasn’t she able to think fast when she’s a gamer? Gamers should have fast reflexes, right? Apparently, that’s not applicable for her, or she just hasn’t played too many games to have acquired that skill? She made a mental note to binge play all the games she has on her shelf.


Yerim winced when her game met with the cold hard floor. She silently prays its not broken or anything because that would mean another months of waiting.


“Sorry about that”


Yerim smiles as the other perso

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