Chapter 6

What if Love
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 “Sup no jams” Yerim greeted Seulgi and Seungwan as soon as they walked out from the faculty room.


Seulgi frowns. She never liked that label, she can be fun. They can be fun! She just don’t know how, maybe she can ask Yerim later.


Seungwan chuckles. “Have you considered not calling us names? We’re older than you, you know”


Yerim shrugs. “I wouldn’t be your Yerim if I don’t call you names”


Seulgi and Seungwan can’t argue with that.


Yerim is fun to be with, she can make them look like they are fun to be with because all they do is laugh and make jokes. The three of them are quite smart –individually that is –together is a whole different story. She can also be an angel except when she’s feeling mischievous because that would mean trouble for the two older girls. And other times, she can be little sht but they love her no less.


“What were you both doing there by the way?” Yerim smirks. “Finally got in trouble for doing something naughty?”


“No. Tae-seonsaengnim talked to us about meeting on the weekend” Seulgi quickly answers.


Seungwan laugh. “Did you honestly think we we’re in there because we got into trouble? Me and Seulgi?”


Yerim shrugs. No, it never crossed her mind.


Seulgi and Seungwan are two of the rarest species Yerim had ever met. They are too kind, rarely got angry and the most boring people she had ever encounter but she loves them nonetheless. And the first thing she can think off if the two were sent into the faculty room is either because they received an award for being too nice or some teachers needs their help which is often.


“Hey that’s my bag” Seulgi pointed at the object on Yerim’s grasp.


“Oh yea” Yerim passed the backpack to the owner. “Tiffany-unnie said you can go home and that practice will resume tomorrow”


Seungwan gasp incredulously. “You took her bag but not mine?!”


“I didn’t see your bag, unnie” Yerim answers innocently.


“It was just beside Seulgi’s!” Seungwan pouts. “Yerim-ah, are you playing favorites now?”


Yerim beams making a big heart with her arms. “You know you’re my favorite, unnie”


Seungwan shakes her head. “I’ll just go get my bag”


“I’ll come with you” Seulgi immediately says.


But Seungwan shakes her head. “It’s fine. I’ll just grab my bag very quickly”


Seungwan walks the familiar halls leading to the auditorium. She thought by this time she’d be sick going back to that room, that she would rather be anywhere but there but she’s not. She enjoys being there, it doesn’t matter if her weekends are spend being cramped up in there with Sooyoung, Seulgi, Joohyun and Yerim. Most of her precious memories with the four were shared in that room, maybe that’s why she treasured that room the most and doesn’t get tired going to it.


Seungwan chuckles, she should be tired by the endless practice, the unintentional memorization of a particular scene because they keep repeating it over and over again like a broken record. She should be bored because she keeps doing the same thing every day for weeks, but every time she remembers how Sooyoung would laugh heartily whenever Yerim gives a snide comments about hers and Seulgi’s bland acting, how Sooyoung smiles with her eyes every time Tiffany would yell ‘again’ because Seungwan stuttered and messed up a line because it was too intimate, how Sooyoung would look at her with her half-lidded eyes whenever the scene requires them to be too close for anyone’s comfort; all of that takes her exhaustion away and she will find herself looking forward to another practice, looking forward to being close to Sooyoung again.


Seungwan stops in front of the auditorium room, it amazes her how time flies whenever she’s with Sooyoung–or in this case just thinking about her.


Entering the auditorium, Seungwan approached her bag. It was easy to spot it since it’s the only bag left at the seats. She was about to approach her bag when something –more like someone –caught her attention. Standing beautifully in the middle of the stage is her Juliet.


“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”


Seungwan beams as she sat down on the empty bleacher, careful not to make any sudden noise that would startle the beauty practicing by herself because she doesn’t want this free VIP show to end abruptly. She knew Sooyoung was a perfectionist but staying behind just to practice some more is a whole other level of dedication and she commends the girl for that.


Sooyoung continues to practice her line without knowing that she has an audience who is now looking at her with pure adoration.


Seungwan keeps her eyes on Sooyoung letting this feeling linger until she memorize them by heart. This emotion she’s feeling right now as she looks at Sooyoung; how beautiful she is, how graceful, how loveable. She etched them in her mind and heart. “I take thee at thy word!” she thought she can contain them but her heart just wanted to leap out and her voice together with it. “Call me but love and I’ll be new baptized”


Sooyoung was genuinely surprised when a voice answered her, but she quickly relaxes when she heard the familiar voice of her Romeo. She smiles, the smile that reaches her eyes when she saw Seungwan running towards the stage. She laughs. “What are you doing here?”


“I…” Seungwan looks at the bleachers where her bag is. Then it hit her, she laughs. “I also want to practice some more. I hope you don’t mind practicing with me”


Sooyoung shakes her head. “I don’t mind” a beautiful smile appeared on her lips.


The kind of smile that makes Seungwan’s heart beat erratically.








Seulgi turn to their youngest when Seungwan was already far from them. “Yerim-ah did you really not saw Seungwan’s bag?”


Yerim just smiles, her eyes glinting, hinting that she did something mischievous. “Unnie, isn’t that Joohyun-uunie?” she quickly pointed at the beauty walking along the hallways.


Seulgi turns to the direction Yerim is pointing, sure enough it was Joohyun, alone. “Wait. Where’s Sooyoung?”


“Let’s go unnie!” Yerim pulled Seulgi towards Joohyun.


“But… what about Seungwan?” Seulgi looks back and forth between Yerim, Joohyun and the spot where they were standing earlier.


“I’m sure Seungwan-unnie will not mind if we leave without her” Yerim keeps pulling but it’s obvious that Seulgi putting up a resistance. “Don’t you want to walk Joohyun-unnie home?”


“I…” Seulgi is in conflict.


Joohyun, for the first time since Sooyoung arrived, is alone. Should she take this opportunity to walk Joohyun home? Seulgi is in deep thought, still in a middle of wanting to wait for Seungwan at the same time wanting to walk Joohyun home.


Yerim stops on her tracks and Seulgi automatically look at her then back to Joohyun.


Seulgi intentionally clenched her teeth.


Junmyeon stood in front of Joohyun, hand rubbing his nape as he smiles shyly. Joohyun’s back is facing them so it’s hard for Seulgi to assume anything but maybe everything is alright? Since Junmyeon’s expression is soft and it looks like they’re just casually talking.


Seulgi sighs. “Come Yerim, let’s go get Se–”




Seulgi flinched. Her eyes going wide. “Yerim-ah what are you doing?” she asks in disbelief.


Joohyun looks back at them. She smiled at them, briefly turns back to Junmyeon then left the boy to approach them. “Going home?”

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