Chapter 1

What if Love
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Seungwan groans. How can her best friend be loud so early in the morning? But she smiles nonetheless. “Good morning, Seul”

“Woah you look like . What happened man?” Seulgi can’t help but comment on her bestfriend’s state.

Seungwan thought she looked okay. Heck, she spends hours inside the bathroom to make herself look okay and not like a walking corpse. “I woke up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep after”

Should she also tell Seulgi about her dream that prevented her from going back to sleep? Seungwan decided against it. It was just a dream after all and she didn’t even know who the girl in her dream was.

It was just a meaningless dream.

“I thought you drank last night” Seulgi teased as they walked towards their room.

Seungwan stopped on her tracks causing Seulgi to stop as well.

“Something wrong, Seungwan?” Seulgi looked at her friend worriedly.

Something is definitely wrong.

It’s quiet, too quiet and Seungwan doesn’t like it. Not when she knows Satan’s little spawn is somewhere in this vast school doing god knows what.

“Sup losers”

Seungwan inwardly released a sigh of relief. Satan’s little spawn isn’t going around causing mischief, thank god. But then she noticed something, more like she noticed where she came from. “Yerim-ah where did you came from?”

Yerim smiles like a Cheshire cat and Seungwan doesn’t like that smile, not one bit.

Seungwan’s and Seulgi’s eyes grew big when they heard a collective shriek coming from the faculty room followed by some white powder sipping out from the cracks on the door. They both look at Yerim horridly. 

Yerim, the little devil that she is, just smiles as she drapes her arms around Seungwan and Seulgi’s shoulders, urging them to walk away from the commotion.

“Yerim-ah what did you do this time?” Seulgi asks when they were appropriately far from the faculty room.

“Oh trust me. You don’t want to know” Yerim beams. She might be a little devil but she doesn’t drag her unnies with her mischievous escapade. She solely wants to take credit for everything after all. “Seungwan-unnie what did I say about drinking at school nights?”

Seungwan shakes her head. “I didn’t drink. I wasn’t able to sleep comfortably last night”

Yerim hums, obviously not convinced but she lets Seungwan off the hook since the older girl looks like a mess. “Oh before I forgot did you know you have a new classmate?”

Seulgi and Seungwan look at each other before shaking their heads.

“New classmate? How can we have a transferee in the middle of the school year?” Seulgi asks.

Yerim shrugs. “I don’t know as well. I just heard from the teachers while I was in the faculty room. Heads up your crush is approaching”

Seulgi and Seungwan look at the direction Yerim is pointing.

Seungwan smirks while Seulgi froze like a statue.

The campus crush and of course, Seulgi’s crush is approaching. Grazing the hallway with her unearthly beauty, blessing the students with her grace. Seulgi –like those boys loitering the hallway –looks like a love-struck fool as they watch her walk pass them.

“Hi Joohyun-unnie” Yerim greeted as soon as the beauty neared them. Of course, she will not let this moment pass where she can watch her Seulgi-unnie turn into a squirming panic gay that she is.

Joohyun stops in front of them, smiling brightly at the youngest of the three. “Hello Yerim” she turns to Seungwan. “Good morning Seungwan”

“Good morning” Seungwan

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