Chapter 55

What if Love
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Seungwan buries her face on her palms. She can feel she’s going to burst anytime soon. She can’t juggle preparing for the great proposal while simultaneously overseeing Papa Son’s business expansion.




Seungwan lifts her face from her palms. “Minjeong-ah come in” she motions for her secretary to enter. “And please, call me unnie”


Minjeong smiles. “I knocked but you didn’t answer so I entered. Sorry unnie”


“Its fine. I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind”


Minjeong nods in understanding. “I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Kim called, he said something about lunch?”


Seungwan sighs. “Yea, um…” click her tongue then gathers her things. “I’ll go meet him. Oh!” Seungwan took a piece of paper from inside her drawer. “Please call this number… tell them Son Seungwan will pick up the order around 2 or 3 pm”


“Okay” Minjeong nods.


“And Minjeong?” Minjeong looks up from the piece of paper. “You can go home after you call that number”


Minjeong smiles. “Thank you, unnie”








Mr. Kim lost Seungwan’s attention the moment he started boasting about why their businesses are compatible. Seungwan honestly don’t know (and she doesn’t want to know) how she can stomach this man’s arrogance but just what her father told her… hold on for the time being, once the partnership is sealed, you won’t have to meet with him.


Seungwan can’t wait to seal this partnership so she can focus on her proposal.




Seungwan turns to the approaching guest.


“Sejeong-ah” Mr. Kim stood up to greet his daughter. he turns to Seungwan. “Seungwan I hope you don’t mind that my daughter is joining”


Seungwan forces a smile. “Of course not Mr. Kim”


Sejeong is nice, that’s much Seungwan knows. She turned the boring lunch into something a little bearable for Seungwan.


The business proposal talk did continue until Mr. Kim’s secretary called him to inform him that he has visitors in his office. After some apologies and a promise of this not happening again, he left.  And Seungwan can’t be happier, from the start of their lunch she wants nothing more than to end it so she can go to the jewelry store to pick up Sooyoung’s ring.


Sooyoung’s ring…


Now there’s a nice ring to it, and Seungwan can’t help but smile.


“So, are we ready?” Yerim positioned herself between Seulgi and Seungwan.


They are standing on the side, champagne flute in hand as they watch.


Joohyun, Sooyoung and Saeron along with the other bachelorettes are gathered on one side while Tiffany, with Taeyeon, is a couple of steps ahead of them ready to throw her bouquet.


“Whoever catches the bouquet, right?” Seulgi asks.


Yerim nods. “But volunteers are welcome” she turns to Seungwan.


Seungwan sips on her drink. “Let’s see” her eyes meet with Sooyoung. They share a smile.


Tiffany threw the bouquet.




Seungwan was pulled out from her daydreaming when she felt a weight on her arm.


“Sorry. I tripped” Sejeong apologize, hands around Seungwan’s arm and smiling. 


Seungwan smiles back. “It’s alright”


Sejeong let go of Seungwan’s arm and they resumed walking. Since they were both heading to the parking lot, they decided to walk there together.


Seungwan impatiently taps her fingers against the glass case while looking around the shop, thinking if she should by Sooyoung some necklace, maybe a bracelet? an earring perhaps?


Oh! Sooyoung would love those earrings.


“Miss Son” Seungwan abruptly turn and approached the woman. “We’re sorry for the delay, ma’am. Our designer got sick so she wasn’t able to finish it immediately” the woman opens the velvet box.


Seungwan beams. Nothing over the top, just a simple gold band with a medium size diamond in the middle. Simple but elegant, just like what she was aiming. She would’ve chosen to have diamonds on the band as well, but she thinks it’s too much, simple ring like this match perfectly with Sooyoung’s beautiful smooth hand.


“I hope everything is to your liking, Miss Son?”


Seungwan nods. “It’s perfect”


After paying for everything (and not taking the paper bag that goes with it), Seungwan exited the store the velvet box secured in her pocket. She took out her phone and held it up so she can see her screen.


[Unnie!] Yerim was the first one to answers.


[Yow Seungwan what’s up?] Seulgi squints her eyes. [Where are you?]


Seungwan beams. [I’m calling to say something]


[Let me guess, unnie. You want to volunteer?]


Seungwan nods. [I already have the ring and I already have a plan. I’ll fly to Jeju when my schedule clears up to talk to Sooyoung’s parents]


[Thank god! I was seriously freaking out. I think I’m going to have a heart attack!]


Seungwan and Seulgi laughs.



They don’t know what happened. Seulgi, Seungwan and Yerim were watching like a hawk the whole time. Honestly, they expected Joohyun to catch the bouquet because it was going in her direction. So how? Why did the bouquet ended up on Saeron’s hands?

Seulgi and Seungwan simultaneously turn to Yerim who turned pale. The unnies got worried that she might actually faint.




[I’m glad I can be your savior then] Seungwan turns to Seulgi. [Is it okay if I go first?]


Seulgi nods. [You two got together first. It’s just right you get married first]


[Thanks Seul]


[Just promise me I’m the best woman]


[Don’t worry Seulgi-unnie. I won’t take that position from you. I can be the ring bearer instead]


Seungwan laughs. [Alright, You’re the ring bearer]


[Thank you for saving me, unnie. I promise if the next time Saeron still catches the bouquet, I’ll man up and propose]


[Don’t worry about it. If you’re not ready don’t force yourself]


[Yea. Don’t jump into something you’re not prepared to do]


[I’ll keep that in mind] Yerim smiles. [Seungwan-unnie goodluck and congratulations in advance]


[Seungwan fighting!]


[Thank you. I’ll call you both again] Seungwan ended the call, pats the velvet box inside her pocket before finally leaving.








Seulgi has a wide smile on her lips as she puts down her phone. She knows for a fact that they won’t be able to see Seungwan’s proposal because her best friend has a bad habit of being impulsive but they understand and besides Seungwan will make up for it because she tells them everything even the smallest details, that it feels like they were still there.


“I’m home”


“Welcome home” Seulgi greets. She averted her attention from the television to smile at her girlfriend. “How’s the lunch out with the girls?”


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