Chapter 41

What if Love
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“Sooyoung-ah~” Seungwan groans in pain, rolling around her bed, clutching her stomach. “Sooyoungie~”


Sooyoung stood by the door with a spatula in hand. She’s conflicted, a part of her wants to baby her girlfriend while the other wants nothing more than to scold this big baby. “See, this is what happens if you eat too much ice cream” she can’t resist nagging as she approaches the bed where the big baby is rolling.


Sooyoung started working part-time at the ice cream shop yesterday. Seungwan, the ever-supportive girlfriend, accompanied her and stayed until the very end of her shift. And since she’s staying at the shop, Seungwan thinks it’s just right that she orders like a true customer.


Seungwan ended up ordering everything the shop offers. She was doing fine until the banana split was laid in front of her. God! she was about to puke at the sight of that humongous treat. She loves ice cream but that was just overkill (plus she already ate 31 flavors of ice cream before that), she had half a mind to call in reinforcements a.k.a Kim Yerim and Kang Seulgi, and maybe add in Kim Taeyeon, Kwon Yuri, Kim Hyoyeon and Choi Sooyoung? But no, she it up and ate everything all by herself.


It did earn her a worried look from her girlfriend and the owner/unnie, Seohyun.


And that ladies and gentlemen is the story of how Seungwan got a stomach ache.


Sooyoung sighs and sits on the edge of the bed, eyes worried. She affectionately rubs Seungwan’s disheveled hair when her girlfriend stops rolling around the bed, big round eyes staring at her and she wants nothing more than to kiss those pouty lips.


“I’m sorry” Seungwan apologizes. She couldn’t sleep well last night because of the pain, and she knows Sooyoung too wasn’t able to sleep because she was the one who took care of her.


It was almost sunrise when Seungwan’s pain slightly subsided. She was finally able to fall asleep on top of Sooyoung, giving them both their much needed rest.


“What for?” Sooyoung furrows her brows.


“For keeping you awake”


“Silly” Sooyoung smiles. “Taking care of you is something I won’t mind”


Seungwan opens her arms.


Sooyoung got the message, she hops onto the bed straight into Seungwan’s waiting arms. She sighs contently as her body melts in her girlfriend’s warm embrace. She admits to being flattered by Seungwan’s action of accompanying her to her work, it boosted the shop’s sales and at the same time she gets to see Seungwan’s beautiful face without much effort. But still, she wished Seungwan shouldn’t have done that.


There’s no need to eat all 31 flavors of ice cream and the banana split, which was meant to be shared by the way. She wants to see Seungwan around the shop but she doesn’t want her cute girlfriend suffering from another stomach ache.


Seungwan is close to dozing off again, thanks to Sooyoung’s hand lazily rubbing her stomach, until she smells something. “Is something burning?”


“Fudge!” Sooyoung was up on her feet in seconds and made a mad dash out of the room.


Seungwan laughs. “Finish whatever you’re doing and get back to bed!”


“Okay!” Sooyoung yells from the kitchen.




“Yow” Seungwan greeted as soon as she opened the door.


Seulgi beams then lifts the plastic bag she’s holding. “I brought ice cream”


Seungwan covered and made a puking sound. She scr

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