Chapter 39

What if Love
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Sooyoung felt something soft touch her lips, it woke her up but her eyes remained close. She felt it again and it made her smile a little.


“You’re enjoying this aren’t you”


Sooyoung nods, her eyelids still remain close. “Who doesn’t enjoy their girlfriend’s kisses in the morning?” she finally opens her eyes, smiles widely when she sees Seungwan on top of her. She encircles her arms around Seungwan’s neck. “Is there a reason why you’re waking me up so early in the morning?”


Seungwan kisses Sooyoung’s forehead. “Did you forget that you agreed to go on a date with me?”


“I didn’t” Sooyoung tucks Seungwan’s hair behind her ear. “But it’s too early” she turns to the window, no sunlight peeking from the curtain edge. “The sun isn’t up yet. I don’t think there are any establishments open at this time”


“Who says anything about establishments?” Seungwan smiles, kisses Sooyoung’s lips before standing up. “Come on. Our ride will arrive in an hour”


Sooyoung brings the blanket with her, to cover her bare front, as she sat up (no they didn’t do it, they’re just comfortable sleeping without clothes on). She giggled when Seungwan threw her a wink before completely walking out from the room. “You better take me somewhere nice! I’m losing sleep on a weekend because of you!”


“I’m sure you’re going to like everything!” Seungwan answers from the kitchen.








Sooyoung’s mouth fell. “Are you serious?”


Seungwan just smiles at her girlfriend before turning to the driver. “I think we can take the bus home, unnie”


Yuri furrows her brows. “Are you sure? I can drive back here and fetch you. I’m sure Sica won’t mind” she turns to the girl on the shotgun seat who shakes her head. “See”


“I’ve already troubled you both enough” Seungwan smiles. “Thank you. But yea we can take the bus, right Soo?”


Sooyoung, who came back to stand beside her girlfriend, nods. “Thank you again for giving us a ride, unnies”


“Anything for my dongsaengs” Yuri messes Sooyoung’s hair. She turns to Seungwan then sighs. “Alright, but call me if you need us to fetch you, okay?”


The couple nods.


Jessica waves. “Enjoy you two”


“Thank you” Seungwan and Sooyoung both bow to the older.


They watch as Yuri pulls out from the parking space then out from the premises.


“Seriously Seungwan?!” Sooyoung turns to her girlfriend.


Seungwan shrugs. “You don’t like it?”


Sooyoung sighs. “I do. But can’t say I’m not overwhelmed. A yacht?!”


“What’s wrong with that?” Seungwan looked at the yacht with a smile on her face. Beautiful like her girlfriend. “Come on love, I want to watch the sunrise with you”


Sooyoung sighs. “We need to have a serious talk about your excessive spending” she hissed as she followed her girlfriend who don’t seem bothered.


“Who said anything about spending?” Seungwan looks back to wink.


“Miss Son?”


Seungwan raises her hand like a child wanting to answer her teacher’s question.


The guy chuckles. “I can tell, you look exactly like Mr. Son”


“Is that a compliment?” Seungwan playfully squints at him.


The guy nods. He helped the couple alight the yacht then stood by the deck while Seungwan explored with Sooyoung following closely behind. He smiles when Seungwan’s head popped out from the cabin with a satisfied smile on her face. “I hope everything you instructed was met, Miss Son?”


Seungwan nods. “Yes, thank you. What was your name again?”


“Taeyong, Miss Son” the guy then starts unknotting the ties that anchor the yacht to the dock.




Taeyong stops to look at Sooyoung. He smiles. “Yes Miss?”


“Who will drive the yacht?” Sooyoung asks.


Taeyong looks at Seungwan who is just standing beside her girlfriend. “Didn’t Miss Son tell you?” Sooyoung shakes her head, looks at her girlfriend who is giving her an innocent smile. “She’s certified to sail a boat”


“You are?” Sooyoung turns to her girlfriend, surprised.


Seungwan didn’t answer, she just beams. “Let’s go. I want to see that sunrise” she sat in front of the wheel then opened the engine. She waves at Taeyong. “Thank you for waking up early”


Taeyong bows and watches as the yacht pulls away from the dock.





//After 10 minutes of sailing//

“You keep surprising me”


Seungwan smiles as she turns off the engine. Sooyoung is behind her leaning her head against her back and her arms wrapped around Seungwan’s waist.


Seungwan found the perfect place to stay and watch the sunrise. “And I’ll keep surprising you until the end” she turns to plant a kiss on Sooyoung’s head.


“Is there anything else I need to know about you?”


“I can drive a plane”


“You what?!” Sooyoung lifts her head from Seungwan’s back. “Seriously?”


Seungwan nods. “Not actual though just a simulation but enough to get me licensed if I’m of legal age”


Sooyoung leans her head back on Seungwan’s shoulder. “You can drive a boat and a plane but can’t drive a car?”

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