Chapter 47

What if Love
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The graduation ceremony has finally ended. Joohyun, Seulgi, Seungwan and Sooyoung are officially high school graduates.


As graduation gift, their ever loving unnies gifted them generously. An all-expense paid vacation at a resort of their choice. Since Yerim showcased her talent in searching for good places, and the unnies were busy with graduation, the task of looking for a resort fell on her shoulders.


Jeju would’ve been the destination since the trio agreed to it back when they were having their picnic in Han River but because Sooyoung told them her parents will be leaving to visit her uncle (Daddy Park’s older brother) and that she can’t think of a good resort around Jeju, Yerim ended up picking this resort because it was relatively close (no long grueling travel hours). The reviews were honestly good and she knows it’s secured because it’s owned by Hyoyeon’s family.


“I don’t understand why you both are rich but don’t have a car” Yerim whines.


They are in the bus stop waiting for Joohyun and Sooyoung.


Seungwan shrugs. “Sooyoung loves taking the bus”


“We have a car that I can borrow but I don’t have a license” Seulgi beams.


Yerim rolls her eyes. Don’t get her wrong, she doesn’t have a problem taking the the bus but when her bag is this heavy and the sun is blazing hot, she very much wants to be in the confines of a car with the air-condition blasting against her skin. Situations like this makes her appreciate Taeyeon and her car.


Speaking of Taeyeon, the reason why they couldn’t join is because they are somewhere in Japan. Oh, the perks of having an actress in your circle of friends. Yoona’s new movie started filming, most of their scenes needs to be shoot in Japan so she had to be there for a month, longer if needed. Yoona never liked the idea of being away from Seohyun too long but she can’t do anything about it so, she resorts to whining about it on their group chat.


Yerim can’t unhear Taeyeon’s whines because of Yoona’s whinning.


In the end, the unnies got fed up and since it was almost Yoona’s birthday, they decided to surprise their second maknae by paying her a visit.


“I really wish Taeyeon-unnie is here”


Seulgi beams, hooking her arms around Yerim’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, Yerim-ah. We’ll take good care of you”


“If there’s someone who will take care of me. I bet it will be Joohyun-unnie”


Beep! Beep!


The trio whips their heads, a black Range Rover pulling up in front of them. They look at each other, obviously puzzled. They were about to ignore the car when the passenger’s window rolled down and Sooyoung’s beautiful smiling face popped out.


“Guys! Hop in” Sooyoung says excitedly. “Oppa, said he will drop us at the resort”






“Where?” Seungwan and Seulgi look at Yerim who just smiles sheepishly. “I need to contribute”


They were too busy speaking with each other they failed to notice that the driver already stepped out from the car.


“Here let me help you with your bags” his beautiful voice pulled them out from their conversation.


He’s handsome, that’s for sure. And his aura screams friendliness, like your typical boy-next-door. Friendly, kind, handsome and a gentleman. He helped carry their bags and opened the back of his car to put the bags inside.


Now, Seungwan doesn’t have a problem with him taking them to the resort. He saved them from spending for a fare, which she thinks is a good thing, what she has problem is the fact that Sooyoung is on the shotgun seat while she’s on the very back on her own with some bags, the middle row is being occupied by Joohyun, Seulgi and Yerim. Seungwan kind of wished she did not decline her dad’s offer to buy her a car.


His name is Paul Kim… Seungwan was polite enough to give a reaction when Sooyoung introduced him to them. No matter what she’s feeling, she doesn’t want to be labeled as rude specially to Sooyou

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