Chapter 8

What if Love
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Seulgi walked out of the comfort room and returned to their seat. “Yerim-ah aren’t you going to order another rice? We still have so much meat left”


Yerim beams. “Oh no, unnie. I think I’m going to head out soon. Tae-unnie texted me, she needs me to watch over Zero”


Seulgi nods. “Alright sure. I’ll finish this up and leave after. What time will you be leaving?”


Yerim’s smile grew wide. “I think I’ll head out now. See you on Monday, unnie”


Seulgi furrows her brows. It was unlikely of Yerim to reject food, but if it means more food for her then who is she to refuse. She resumed eating happily stuffing with rice and meat or anything that was on their table.


The bell on the door dinged followed by a ‘welcome’ from the servant, an indication that someone had entered the restaurant. Of course, Seulgi paid them no attention since she’s too busy stuffing her face with food.




Seulgi froze. Looking up, she almost spit out all the food that is inside but she wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t waste food because for a well-known muncher wasting food is an unforgivable sin. So Seulgi swallowed it all, and god she thought she would die of asphyxiation because it was too much food.


“Oh my god!” Joohyun quickly gave Seulgi a drink because the latter wouldn’t stop coughing. “Are you okay?”


Seulgi’s cough had finally died down. She was able to mutter a small thanks when she had finally calmed down.


Joohyun laughs, sitting in front Seulgi that was earlier occupied by Yerim. “Why do you look like you’re surprised to see me?”


That’s because I am!


“I’m just surprise you look more beautiful in casual clothes”


Joohyun blushed. “Tha… thank you” looking everywhere except on Seulgi.


Seulgi smiles. Seungwan’s greasiness is rubbing off on her but she likes it, she likes making Joohyun blush. “Do you want to some?”


Joohyun slowly shakes her head. “I just had lunch”


“Oh…” Seulgi’s face was never the expressive type like Seungwan but for some reason her expression right now screams disappointment, and it was easily noticed by Joohyun.


“But I don’t mind having dessert”


Joohyun giggles. Seulgi’s eye-smile is in full brightness right now and it’s probably the brightest eye-smile she had ever seen. This is probably the happiest she had ever seen Seulgi, and she wants nothing more than to keep it. She wants to keep making Seulgi happy.








Yerim chuckles reading the message Seulgi sent in their group message.


🐻 yerimmie! you could’ve told me! I almost spit my food out! unnie it wouldn’t be a surprise if told you 🐢 and focus on your date Seulgi-unnie! 🐻 thank you though <3 I’ll treat you next time I’m counting on that 🐢


Yerim beams, putting her phone inside her pocket.


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