Chapter 50

What if Love
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God she’s so full, she thinks that dinner alone added 10lbs to her current weight. She’s not weight conscious, no ma’am, she just doesn’t want to burst or worst throw up fine meat.


Auntie Kim really wasn’t joking when she said Uncle Kim is an expert griller. Every meat was cooked perfectly, not too raw and not too burnt, that she finds herself continuously putting meat inside .


“You look like you’re about to go in a food coma” Saeron teased as she sat down beside her.


After the dinner, they decided to go for a stroll around the beach. Yerim needs to do some walking to help with the digestion.


You know what’s good for digestion? Beer! Taeyeon’s words ringed inside her brain. That would’ve been true and she would’ve already consumed a bottle or two, if only she drinks but she doesn’t so she’ll just settle with walking.


But they have been walking for a couple of minutes now, the feeling of fullness has somewhat subsided so Yerim decides to take a rest and sit on the white sand.


“Uncle should participate in a grill-a-thon or something. He seriously has mad skills, those pork and beef taste like premium meats”


Saeron smiles. “My parents are known for their amazing cooking skills, that’s why Hyo-unnie decided to build a resort here”


“Oh? So your parents are the ones cooking for the resort?”


“Just the ones manning the kitchen, not the actual cooks”


“Ohhhh~” Yerim smiles. “I will tell this to my unnies. If uncle cooks amazing meats, I can’t wait to taste auntie’s meals” she takes out her phone and started sending messages to their group chat. She knows she won’t get a reply immediately because her unnies are busy but she knows she’ll get a reply immediately once they see their respective phones.


Saeron just let Yerim type away on her phone and just sit silently beside her, eyes on the black horizon. “You really love your unnies don’t you?”


“I do” Yerim looks up from her phone to stare where Saeron is staring. “Seulgi unnie always plays with me. She always tries to match my energy and crazy antics while Seungwan-unnie acts like the oldest, she always keeps us in check that sometimes I forget that Seulgi-unnie is actually older than her”


“How did you meet them?”


A smile is slowly forming on Yerim’s lips as she remembers the day she met her unnies. “First day of my freshman year, two sophomores approached me because, in their own words, I look like a lost kid” she chuckles. “They adopted me, not knowing that they were adopting satan’s spawn, again, their words not mine. I love them not only because they put up with me and never left me even if all I bring to them is chaos, I love them because the guide me well and are always there when I needed them. I’m lucky to have them”


Saeron smiles, bumping Yerim in the shoulder. “And they are lucky to have you”


“What made you say that?” Yerim turns to Saeron, brows furrowed.


“Because of the way they look at you”


“The… way they look at me?” Yerim is more confused than ever, like Saeron just said the most difficult math problem.


Saeron nods. “They look at you like you’re the brightest star in their life. At least that’s how I interpret their stare”


“The brightest star in their life…” Yerim mumbles. She likes that, though she had never seen it with her own eyes, she’ll take Saeron’s words for it.


Yerim looks at Saeron when the latter suddenly stands up. “Come on” she offered a hand towards Yerim.


“W-where are we going?” Yerim asks as she cautiously takes the hand outstretched towards her.


“You haven’t thoroughly explored the place” Saeron urges Yerim to take her hand. “I know a good spot and I know you’re going to love it”


Yerim playfully squints her eyes at Saeron. “You’re not throwing me off a cliff, aren’t you?”


Saeron giggles. “Of course not, Taeyeon-unnie would hunt me if something happen to you”


Yerim smiles, throw caution in the wind and finally holds Saeron’s hand. She then was pulled up on her feet.


“Let’s go” Saeron didn’t let go of Yerim’s hand as they walk towards the spot Saeron told her she will like.


That night they talk about everything, anything. They got to know each other and found that they have plenty in common.






“What are you–” Joohyun asks when Seulgi let go of her hand to approach something. She stares in awe when the stringed lights went on and revealed a beautiful tent setup.


Joohyun’s mouth fell agape.


Seulgi beams at her, eyes disappearing into slits. “Is it too much?”


Joohyun smiles, shaking her head. She approached Seulgi, wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s arm and together stares at the setup.


“I did plan this but the plan in my mind was a bit simple” Seulgi chuckles, shyly rubbing the back of her head.


“I love it” Joohyun tiptoes to give Seulgi a kiss on the cheek then excitedly walks towards the tent. She took off her slip-ons, careful not to put sand inside the tent, and went inside.


The inside isn’t too small, not too big either, just enough to let two people sleep in. Thanks to the padded mattress, she can’t feel the hardness of the sand below her. She thinks she will be able to sleep comfortably here.


Joohyun looks up at Seulgi who is standing by the door peeking. “Why aren’t you going inside?”


“I need to do something first” Seulgi smiles. “Are you comfortable?”


Joohyun nodded like a child.


Seulgi’s smile widens. “Wait”


Joohyun sits patiently while Seulgi moved away from the door. She hears commotion and minutes later her girlfriend shows up again.


Seulgi mimics Joohyun’s actions earlier of taking off her shoes before going inside the tent.


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