Chapter 53

What if Love
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Seungwan likes to think she’s an understanding girlfriend, and she is for most of the time, but sometimes she can be unreasonably possessive especially when it comes to her most prized possession –her girlfriend, Park Sooyoung.


Seungwan doesn’t know if following Sooyoung on Instagram was right, on second thought, is creating an Instagram account even right? Seungwan sighs. Of course, it’s right! She needs to create an account to follow and be her girlfriend’s supporter, be her number one fan.


She will never admit it, but it gave her an immense satisfaction when she belonged to the few people her girlfriend followed back. But what she’s seeing at the moment isn’t giving her a satisfaction.


“What the hell is JoyHwan?!”


Joy became Sooyoung’s model name. Yoonju told her to have a stage name, something short and can easily be remembered. Sooyoung recalled how she like the name Joy, so even if it was associated with bad memories, she still used it. Hoping to erase the bad ones with a new good one.


Sooyoung smiles. It’s kind of hard to take her girlfriend seriously when she’s being all cute while she’s mad. “What did I say about following hashtags about me?”


Seungwan pouts. “Not to mind them?”


“Some netizens noticed our chemistry and started shipping him with me” Sooyoung calmly responds. She knows Seungwan isn’t really mad, she’s just jealous and a jealous Seungwan only needs reassurance. “Besides, I’ve been clear from the start that he’s only a friend”


Seungwan slumped back on her seat, still pouting. “But that doesn’t stop some of the JoyHwan supporters from thinking something is going on between you two”


“I can’t control what they think but I do know that I’m still head over heels for you, Seungwan-ah” Sooyoung smiles sweetly causing Seungwan to blush under that lovely stare.


“If I’m with you right now, I would probably kiss you” Seungwan blurted out honestly.


“It’s a pity you’re not” Sooyoung stood up from the bed but didn’t leave the frame. “Semestral break is in a few months. Will you be able to go home for a vacation?”


“I will but first I gotta go with dad to this convention in the Philippines”


Sooyoung raises an eyebrow. “Why am I only hearing this now?”


“Because dad just told me” Seungwan showed her phone to the screen to let Sooyoung see her father’s message. “I’m asking for the convention’s schedule so I can book the earliest flight going to Seoul”


Sooyoung returns to the bed, facial masks on her beautiful face. “Why?” she had to ask because Seungwan suddenly giggled.


Seungwan shakes her head. “Why do you keep using that green face mask?”


“Because you gave this to me” Sooyoung answers nonchalantly.


“And you’re still the most beautiful in my eyes even if you look like shrek” Seungwan laughs.








Sooyoung pouts as she pockets her phone.


“Why the long face Joy?” Yoonju slump next to her on the sofa, holding a red cub filled with beer. “We’re at a party, you should be having fun not sulking”


Sooyoung sighs. “Girlfriend said she won’t be able to make it tonight, her flight got delayed”


“And here I thought we will finally meet this amazing girlfriend of yours” Irene Kim, another model unnie, take Sooyoung’s other side.


“I thought so too” Sooyoung frowns.


“Well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk, and I know we will meet this girlfriend of yours. Maybe not today but someday” Yoonju stands up, Irene following suit. They both offered a hand towards Sooyoung. “The night is still young let’s get drunk and have fun”


Sooyoung smiles before accepting the hands reaching towards her.





Sooyoung doesn’t know how many cups she had drink but she’s pretty sure its already more than what she normally consumes. The buzz on her head and the haziness of her surroundings tells her she’s way pass her limit. She’s back in the comfort of the sofa, head on someone’s shoulder. She just hope it’s her Yoonju-unnie.


“Unnie~” Sooyoung whines.


“It’s alright Joy-ah. I got you” It was not Yoonju-unnie but Irene-unnie. Irene pats Sooyoung’s head that is on her shoulder.


Sooyoung’s world is starting to spin, and she doesn’t like what will happen next. She abruptly stands up, which was a mistake by the way because her world starts to spin like she’s in a spinning frisbee ride. “God, I’m drunk” she mumbles to herself as she makes her way towards the bathroom.


Sooyoung’s head continues to spin and the dim lit hallway leading to the bathroom isn’t helping.




Sooyoung whips her head towards the other direction, and immediately regrets it. She inwardly curses as the spinning intensifies. Why does she keep doing things abruptly?!


“Joy-ssi” the man approached her. He stood in front of Sooyoung with a smile on his face.


Sooyoung squints her eyes. “Dohwan-ssi” she bows.


Dohwan smiles. “You should’ve told me you will go to this party. I could’ve fetched you”


“I wasn’t planning to. Yoonju-unnie dragged me, I couldn’t say no” Sooyoung politely answers. He’s a sunbae, it would be rude to not hold a conversation, even if she really wanna throw up.


“It’s good she dragged you then” Sooyoung might be drunk but she’s not too drunk to not notice his weak advances. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?”


“I was” Sooyoung flashes a weak smile. “Would you mind, sunbae? I really need to go to the bathroom”


“Oh sure”


Sooyoung was glad he’s quick-witted. She immediately slips out from him and locked herself inside the bathroom. Thank god she no longer has the urge to hurl, that encounter sober her up a little. She just did her business, wash her face and check her phone.


Oh god!


31 missed calls from Seungwan…


After reading everyone of Seungwan’s message, she immediately dials her girlfriend’s number. Her call won’t get through. “Ah shi–” she curses and tries again but the result is still the same. Seungwan’s last message, which was hours ago, did say she’ll board in a couple of minutes.


Sooyoung immediately types a reply then hurries out of the bathroom. “Dohwan-ssi, you’re still here?” she got surprise when she saw the guy waiting, leaning on the wall beside the door.


Dohwan smiles, pushes himself off of the wall. That would’ve been cool and Sooyoung would’ve swoon if she was straight but she’s not and she’s still very much in love with Seungwan. “Are you okay?”


Sooyoung laughs. “I’m fine” then makes her way back to where Yoonju and Irene. Call her rude, she doesn’t care. Seungwan will arrive in a few hours (her own estimation) and no one, not even a hangover, will prevent her from fetching her girlfriend. “Unnie”

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