Chapter 44

What if Love
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“Canada?” Yerim asks.


Yerim and Seulgi immediately came rushing to Seungwan when she called for an emergency meeting. The two knew something was up when Seungwan insisted they meet up at the Han River instead of Seohyun’s ice cream shop.


Seungwan, lying on the mat staring at the sky, nods.


“What did Sooyoung say?” Seulgi asks as she sips her banana milk.


“She wanted me to go” Seungwan answered dejectedly.


“Why do you sound sad, unnie?”


“I don’t know?” Seungwan sits up. “Maybe because I want her to convince me not to go? The movies–”


“The movies aren’t realistic, Seungwan” Seulgi quickly interrupts. “This is real life”


Yerim nods, agreeing with Seulgi. “Besides that’s selfish love, unnie. And we all know Sooyoung-unnie is anything but selfish”


“Maybe I want her to be selfish?” Seungwan pouts. She knows it’s still her decision to make but how can she stay when everyone around her keeps saying it’s for the best to go?


Seulgi shakes her head. “That’s like asking yourself not to be kind, Wan”


“Does this mean you both agree with Sooyoung?”


They both nod.


“Wow” Seungwan frowns. “And here I thought my friends will back me up”


“Wan” Seulgi drapes her arm around Seungwan’s shoulders. “It’s not every day that one of us gets accepted into a prestigious school overseas”


“Yea!” Yerim agrees. “Plus, we get to go to Canada, right Seulgi-unnie?”


Seulgi eagerly nods with a smile on her face.


“Wow” Seungwan shakes her head. “My friends are a bunch of users” she laughs.




They decide to change venue and went to the ice cream shop. Seungwan said she’s craving for some but Seulgi and Yerim both know she just wants to see Sooyoung. Yerim offered to order for them, so the maknae is at the counter talking to Seohyun while Sooyoung prepares their ice creams.


“So, what’s the real reason why you don’t want to go?” Seulgi finally asks. She’s wanted to ask about it earlier but it completely slipped out of her mind.


Seungwan sighs deeply. “Long distance relationship scares me” her sight landed on Sooyoung who was happily moving about on the other side of the counter. “What happened between me and Chaeyoung, I don’t want that to happen to us”


“What made you think that what happened between you and Chaeyoung, will happen to you and Sooyoung?”


Seungwan shrugs. “I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure”


“What?” Seulgi furrows her brows.


“I have to prevent it from happening, so I don’t have to cure what it will bring to our relationship”


Seulgi shakes her head. “You know sometimes I don’t know what swirls inside that smart brain of yours. If that’s what smart people think about then I'm glad I’m not smart” she folds her arms on top of the table and stares sternly at Seungwan. she sighs. “Stop thinking about unnecessary things, Seungwan. Sooyoung is not Chaeyoung, put that in your big brain”


Seungwan stays mum but still worried.


Seulgi leans back on her seat. “And I honestly believe that you two can make it work. I mean, I know you will, right?”


“Of course, I will!” Seungwan answers with conviction.


Seulgi smiles. “Be glad that your girlfriend is supportive and not pulling you down”


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