Chapter 12

What if Love
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“Happy New Year!”


Seungwan arch her brows. “Who are you and why are you greeting us normally?”


Yerim shrugs. “Can’t a kid have a change of heart?”


Seulgi chuckles. “Let me guess, Taeyeon-unnie force you to make a new year’s resolution”


Yerim looks at them like she’s about to cry. “She said she’ll buy me this game I really like if I become nice to those people around me”


“Mainly me and Seulgi?” Seungwan asks and Yerim nods. “I knew it was too good to be true”


“Unnie sometimes you need a Lucifer in your life” Yerim smiles. Seulgi chuckles while Seungwan shakes her head. “So, I heard auntie and uncle are in town? When will Sooyoung-unnie meet the parents?”


“They were just here for the holidays, they flew back before school starts”


“So Sooyoung-unnie didn’t meet the parents?” Yerim looks at Seulgi who shakes her head. “Bummer. Then when is she going to meet your parents? Or her meet your parents?”


Seungwan shrugs. “We’ve only been dating for months, don’t you think it’s too soon? I don’t want to freak her out”


“Why would you freak her out??” Seulgi looks at her best friend like she’s an alien or something. “Didn’t she tell you that you should’ve come with her to Jeju so she can introduce you to her parents?”


“And besides unnie, did you not think of introducing her to your parents when you decide you want her as your girlfriend?”


Of course, Seungwan thought about it. She entered a relationship with Sooyoung with the thought of introducing her to her family. She wants nothing more than to let her family, and possibly her relatives, know that she’s dating an amazing girl named Park Sooyoung. She might not be her first love but Seungwan is determined to make Sooyoung her last.


Seungwan instinctively smiles when she sees Sooyoung entering the school gates, hair bouncing with her every step. She looks like a goddess, her beauty is out of this world and Seungwan wonders how she was able to make this goddess like a mere mortal like her. Sooyoung had only been away for a few weeks and they’ve been video calling almost every day but that wasn’t enough for Seungwan. She wanted to feel Sooyoung, hug her, kiss her or just be near her. She missed Sooyoung so much.


Seungwan wanted to make a run for it, give the girl a big warm hug if it weren’t for the arm holding her firmly on her spot. “Yerim” she hissed.


“Easy tiger” Yerim smirks, her arms tightening around Seungwan’s shoulders. “We’re in school, and that’s not how a cool oppa operates. You need to be cool and indifferent. Let the girl come to you”


Seungwan looks at Yerim like the youngest is a puke. “What the heck are you talking about??”


Seulgi laughs at the side. “Maybe she watched too many romantic sappy movies”


“No, I didn’t. Those are crap, they always fall for the bad boys” Yerim shakes her head. “After all the heartache they will realize that it’s always been the good boys who are far better and far deserving but it’s too late. It’s a loop I tell you, an unending loop of idiocy”


Seungwan now looks at Yerim like the youngest had grown another head. “So, you want me to act like one of those bad boys? But they didn’t get the girl” she pouts.


“Unnie you didn’t listen” Yerim sighs. “Didn’t I tell you, it’s too late for the girl because the good boy had already moved on? So, she goes back to the bad boy who swore to change for her”


“Change for who?”


“Hi Soo”


“Good morning unnie”


Came Seulgi and Yerim’s greeting, respectively.


Sooyoung smiles at the two. She tilts her head towards Seungwan. Obviously, waiting for the other girl’s greeting.


“Hey” came Seungwan’s ‘gansta’ greeting, with a little tilt of the head.


Seulgi and Yerim burst out laughing while Sooyoung smiles, biting her lips trying her hardest to stop herself from giggling. Sooyoung doesn’t know what Seungwan is trying to pull off but the unconscious display of cuteness is what she likes.


“What are you doing, Wannie?” Sooyoung beams when she finally contains her urge to snicker.


Seulgi and Yerim’s laughter increased in volume thanks to the nickname but Seungwan doesn’t care, she likes it when Sooyoung calls her ‘Wannie’ –her Wannie.


“Errr…” Seungwan’s smug expression had turned shy as she rubs her nape. “Trying to be cool? Yerim said–”


“Yerim?” Sooyoung looks at the youngest who is now giving her a peace sign. “You’re taking advice from Yerim?”


“Hey!” Yeri

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