Chapter 34

What if Love
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in this dark time, let me be your light 🔦


Since the parents are here, they had dinner first before jumping to the actual partying. The parents enjoyed the food and of course the company, joking about feeling young again because they are surrounded by bunch of youngsters. After some conversations, the parents know the kids won’t do something crazy in their presence so they decided to call it a night and leave.


Seungwan and Sooyoung together with their mothers stood in front of the elevator, waiting for the fathers who went to the comfort room together. They became inseparable, it’s scary.


“Joohyun-unnie said you can stay at her apartment” Sooyoung says to her mother.


“It’s okay Sooyoung-ah. We saved enough for a hotel room don’t worry” her mother fixes her hair affectionately. “You look beautiful in that dress, dear”


“Thank you, umma” Sooyoung smiles. “You gave this to me”


“That’s because I know my daughter so well” she hugged her daughter tightly.


“She’s a gem, Wan”


Too busy staring at her girlfriend, Seungwan forgot that her mother is beside her. She smiles, not looking away from Sooyoung. “I know, mom”


“You better not let her go” Mama Son warns before leaving to approach Sooyoung. “Dear” she touches Sooyoung’s back who is no longer in her mother’s embrace.


Sooyoung smiles. “Mrs. Son”


“Mrs. Son is too formal. Call me mom” Mama Son smiles. “I didn’t get a chance to talk to you more because Seungwan keeps hogging you” the three of them laughs while Seungwan pouts. “I hope we can meet up before we go back to Canada?”


“That would be nice, mom” it rolled out of her tongue nicely, and Sooyoung liked the feeling so much.


“You have a beautiful daughter” Mama Son turns to Mommy Park.


“And yours is a sweetheart” mommy Park responded with a smile.


Seungwan smiles cheekily to the side, loving the view of their mothers talking to each other so comfortably.


“Yah Seungwan!” Papa Son hooks his arm around Seungwan’s neck. The fathers finally caught up. “You better take care of that amazing girl, alright?” pointing at Sooyoung.


“We’re already talking about wedding” Daddy Park shamelessly said.






Sooyoung and Seungwan yelled in unison.


Papa Son shrugs, letting go of her daughter. “Just saying, it would be amazing if you two end up together”


“We’ll get there” Seungwan stares at Sooyoung. “Because honestly, I don’t see myself with anybody else other than Sooyoung”


“Ah!” Papa Son pats her back proudly. “That’s my greasy little Seungwannie”


“We need to go before your father tops that greasiness” Mama Son pulls her husband towards her.


And like a lifesaver, the elevator door opens.


“I hope we can all have breakfast tomorrow?” Mommy Park smiles before alighting the elevator.


“That is if the kids aren’t too hangovered tomorrow morning” Mama Son tease.


“Yah!” Daddy Park holds the door open. “Sooyoung-ah, be a lady and not drink too much, okay? You have to take  care of Seungwan” he winks at Seungwan.


“I can handle my alcohol, appa” Sooyoung answers dismissively.


“Seungwan-ah I raised you to be a gentleman. Take care of Sooyoung, okay?” Papa Son sends his daughter a stern look.


“Dad, we won’t be serving alcohol, don’t worry” Seungwan answers.


The fathers furrow their brows. “Really?” they ask simultaneously.


Seungwan nods.


“Then that’s a boring party you’re throwing” Papa Son teased before laughing loudly.


Seungwan pouts which earned her a side hug from her girlfriend.


“Let them do whatever they want” Mama Son came to her daughter’s aid. “We’ll see you both tomorrow”


The door finally closed and the elders left.




Sooyoung and Seungwan look up. Seulgi, Yerim and Yuri were smiling at them.


Seungwan nods. “They left”

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