What if Love

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You stared at the beauty in front of you.

Your heartache at the sight. She’s crying, bawling her eyes out.

You slowly approach her and hold her face, your hands cupping her cheeks gently as you wipe the tears that're spilling out from her captivating eyes with your thumb.

She stares back at you, occasionally hiccupping as she suppresses her sobs.

No words were uttered. You and her just stayed silent while staring at each other’s eyes, you were still cradling her face in your hands.

You don’t know what came over you. Your head is empty, well not really, you’re thinking that you don’t want to see her cry. You don’t want to see those tears spilling from that captivating eyes and you vowed to do anything or everything just so she will no longer shed tears.

I lied

You smile. Her voice is refreshing and beautiful like her.

Tears finally stopped falling down from her eyes but that didn’t stop you from caressing her smooth cheeks. Then your eyes darted from her eyes down to her lips. You don’t know what came over you when you did that but staring at it caused you to think if her lips are as smooth as her cheeks.

Your body –or is it your heart? –took over and you don’t know how to stop yourself from leaning down.

Your face comes closer and closer to the girl’s. You silently prayed for her to push you back or even move away since you no longer can control your own body but she didn’t make any effort to do so. She just sat there staring at you, well you really don’t know if she’s staring at you since you’re too busy staring at her lips.

You want to kiss her, right? You badly want to feel those luscious red lips pressed against yours, right? And maybe, just maybe, she also wants you to kiss her since she’s not making any effort to push you or move away from you.

You’re no longer pulling back since you know you want this, you don’t know this girl but your heart is telling you to go for it.

Close the gap!

Your brain yelled at you because you’re taking too much precious time.

Kiss her!

Your heart yelled, banging the walls that surrounds it.

You close your eyes as your lips briefly touch the girl’s lips.

Happy New Year everybody! 💗💛💙💚💜
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