Chapter 56

What if Love
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“Wan?” Sooyoung calls as soon as she entered. She saw an opportunity to ditch her girlfriend and she immediately took it. She was just not prepared for the guilt that came after. “Wan?”


Sooyoung finally see the love of her life. Already clad in a comfy baby blue pjs (gifted by Sooyoung of course), sitting on the bed, back against the headboard, a blanket drape over her thighs. Seungwan also has a book in her hands.


Haetnim is sleeping peacefully, did not even briefly wake up to greet her, on her bed in the corner of the room.


“Hi love” came Seungwan’s gentle greeting.


Sooyoung doesn’t know what to feel. Seungwan’s understanding stare and soft smile is making her feel guiltier. “I’m sorry”


Seungwan just smile then pats the empty space beside her.


Sooyoung reluctantly approach the bed. Honestly, she has this feeling that she’s not worthy to be beside Seungwan at the moment but she really really needs to hug her. She misses Seungwan so much but she knows it’s her fault.


Instead of sitting beside Seungwan, Sooyoung chose to lay her head on her girlfriend’s lap and her arms around Seungwan’s waist.


Seungwan’s smile widens. Her hands comfortingly rubbing Sooyoung’s head. “That was weeks ago, why didn’t you talk to me?”


Sooyoung turns her head to the side. “I was scared”


Seungwan’s hand continues rubbing Sooyoung’s head. “I’m supposed to be hurt that the thought of me cheating on you ever crossed your mind but I’m not. I understand where your doubts are coming from”


Sooyoung sighs. “I’m sorry”


Seungwan shakes her head. “I’m… sorry. I made you feel that way but trust me, I’m not and will never cheat on you”


Sooyoung tightens her hug around Seungwan’s waist. “Who was that then?”


“Kim Sejeong, Mr. Kim’s daughter” Seungwan answers immediately. “I wasn’t lying when I told you I was having lunch meeting with him, it’s just that halfway through the meeting he received a call from her secretary that a guest had arrived”


Sooyoung nods. “Why was she clinging to you?”


Seungwan smiles. The jealousy on Sooyoung’s voice was so subtle she almost misses it… too bad she knows her girlfriend –fiancé in a few days –too well. “She tripped. She had to cling to me to break her fall”




“Did you go to Jeju with her?” Sooyoung carefully asks.


“I did not” Seungwan answers honestly.


Sooyoung hums. She shouldn’t take Seungwan’s words for it because a cheater never admits, but Seungwan is not a cheater. “I’m sorry for ditching dinner”


“That’s okay” Seungwan rubs the back of her hand against Sooyoung’s cheek. “We can always have dinner anytime”


Sooyoung moves away from Seungwan’s lap to straddle her.


Seungwan was surprised for a moment but she quickly recovered.


“What time are you needed in the office tomorrow?” Sooyoung innocently asks while her fingers start ing Seungwan’s pajama top.


“I don’t have work tomorrow” Seungwan smiles.


Sooyoung smirks. “Better”


Sooyoung pulls Seungwan’s collar towards her, letting their lips engage in a heated lip-lock session. Now that she’s kissing those y plump lips of her girlfriend, the craving intensifies to the point she’s eating the whole of Seungwan’s mouth. Sooyooung is craving and now that she has Seungwan trapped underneath her she won’t hold back.

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