Chapter 42

What if Love
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“You and Seungwan fighting?”


Sooyoung looks at Seohyun, eyes round and questioning. “Uhm, no? Why would you think that unnie?”


It was almost the end of Sooyoung’s shift.


Seohyun looks around. No Son Seungwan lurking around, not even a shadow. Though Seungwan missing might have something to do with her eating everything in their menu (and getting sick because of it), but then again, she was able to accompany Sooyoung that one time Seohyun needed help and asked Sooyoung to come in after class. And that was few days after she got sick.


Thankfully, no vomiting happened, and Seungwan was able to stomach the sight of ice cream and stay inside the shop while waiting for Sooyoung.


“She didn’t accompany you, today”


If given the chance, Seohyun knows Seungwan will jump at every opportunity to accompany Sooyoung, even if it means she’ll have to face those dreaded ice creams again.


“She has college entrance exam today, with Seulgi” Sooyoung smiles. “I’m sure she’ll be here after”


“Oh, what about you then?”


“That school is a bit expensive for me, plus I already got accepted to the university I want to attend”


Seohyun smiles. “That’s good then”


The door dinged, signaling a newcomer. Seohyun and Sooyoung both whip their heads towards the entrance followed by a chorused welcome.


A very worn-out looking Seungwan enters then tiredly smiles at them.


Sooyoung and Seohyun look at each other.


“Go” Seohyun smiles and motions for Sooyoung to attend to her girlfriend. “I’ll man up the counter”


Sooyoung smiles gratefully. She got a glass of water first before approaching her girlfriend whose head is resting on the table. “I was thinking of getting you an ice cream, but I don’t want you to get sick again” she placed the glass down before sitting beside her girlfriend.


“Thank you” Seungwan accepted the glass of water with a tired smile.


Sooyoung waits patiently, she knows Seungwan will eventually tell her everything so there’s no need to probe.


Seungwan settles the glass down. “That’s probably the hardest exam I have ever taken” she pouts. “What’s the correlation of noise pollution to x? What the heck does that supposed to mean?”


Sooyoung stops herself from laughing because ranting Seungwan is very cute. She did smile though while she listened to her girlfriend’s rants.


Seungwan shakes her head, her ranting finally subsided after almost 20 minutes. “Good thing that’s the last exam on my schedule. I don’t think I will be able to answer more after that disaster”


“There, there” Sooyoung rubs Seungwan’s hair affectionately. “You’ve done well, Wannie. It’s time to rest that brain of yours”


Seungwan smiles, this time genuine without a hint of fatigue. Seeing Sooyoung really brought energy to her worn out little body and brain. “How’s work?”


“A little lazy” Sooyoung looked around, two more tables got occupied during Seungwan’s ranting but nothing Seohyun couldn't handle. “I forgot to ask about Seulgi”


“The test worn us both out, she also needs to recharge”


Sooyoung chuckles. “She met up with Joohyun-unnie”


Seungwan nods. “She went straight to Joohyun’s apartment and I went here”


Two mugs of hot chocolate were placed in front of them.


Seohyun smiles. “On the house” she said before heading towards the door to flip the sign, from open to close.


The two tables that were previously occupied are already vacant. They weren’t talking that long, weren’t they?


“I don’t know you sell hot choco?” Seungwan took one mug.


“We don’t” Sooyoung turns to Seohyun who is now on the register, probably counting their sales for today. Their eyes met. “Thank you, unnie”


Seohyun smiles. “Finish that up so you both can go home and take a rest”


They took their precious time finishing the tasty drink, also because Sooyoung doesn’t want to go home until Seohyun is ready to go home as well. She do

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