Chapter 38

What if Love
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The door suddenly opened causing the only soul inside the room to look up with one brow arched up.


Joohyun took off her specs then leaned against her chair, arms crossing in front of her chest. “What can I do for you, Yerimmie?”


“Where is Sooyoung-unnie?”


Joohyun shrugs. “Maybe somewhere having lunch with Seungwan. What’s this about?” taking her phone that was peacefully lying on the table. “I can message her if you want”


Yerim shakes her head. “I need to talk to you and it’s about Sooyoung-unnie”


Joohyun furrows her brows. “Go on”


Yerim opens , about to speak up when someone knocks on the door. Being the one closest to the door, Yerim opened the door to answer whoever was on the other side.


Seulgi’s smile fades a little when it was Yerim who opened the door but she quickly flashes a bright smile to their youngest. “Yerim-ah have you–” she wasn’t able to finish her question because Yerim pulled her harshly inside then made her sit beside Joohyun, not forgetting to lock the door.


Seulgi furrows her brows, looking at Joohyun and Yerim back and forth. “What’s going on?”


But no one answered her, Joohyun and Yerim just continued to stare at each other.


“Joy Park” Yerim noticed how the mere mention of that name made Joohyun show a slight discomfort.


“Who?” Seulgi asks, but again no one answered.


“Where’d you hear that?” Joohyun asks.


Seulgi turns to her girlfriend. Finally realizing that no one will answer her, she remains seated and just listens.


“Joy Park is Sooyoung-unnie, right?”


Joohyun nods. “That was the name she used at her previous school. She introduces herself as Joy not Sooyoung” she sighs. “I assumed you heard that name somewhere?”


“I was out yesterday canvassing for a game when I overheard girls talking about how Joy Park is at it again, getting in a relationship with wealthy students”


Joohyun frowns. She then starts telling about what really happened to Sooyoung at her previous school. She knows it’s not her secret to share, and that Sooyoung will surely hate her for telling Seulgi and Yerim about it but Joohyun thinks they at least should know, just to clear her cousin’s name to their closest friends.


“I just learned about it recently” Joohyun’s frown deepens, feeling helpless that she couldn’t protect her cousin that time. “Anything else they said?”


“They called her gold digger”


“Hey!” Seulgi finally spoke up. “That’s not nice!”


If their resident sweetheart, Kang Seulgi, says it wasn’t nice then it was really not nice.


Joohyun shakes her head. “Sooyoung might be a liar but she’s never a gold digger”


“We know” Yerim stated firmly. “We all do”


The fire in Yerim’s eyes is so bright, Joohyun can see them flaming from where she’s seated. “Don’t get involve, Yerim-ah”


“Why not?” Yerim furrows her brows. “Sooyoung-unnie is no longer their schoolmate or classmate or whatever! They shouldn’t be talking about her and calling her whatever when they clearly don’t know her personally”


“Sooyoung made a mistake, she acknowledged that. If they want to talk, let them. We know the truth. We know the real Sooyoung. Don’t engage in meaningless fights”


“Unnie’s name is being ruined as we speak” Yerim shakes her head. “I won’t let this slide. I won’t let them hurt my family. Not when I can do anything about it”


“If you want to protect Sooyoung…” Joohyun inhales deeply. “Start protecting her from Chaeyoung”


Joohyun knows Sooyoung will not say anything to anyone so she took it upon herself to help her beloved cousin.


“Chaeyoung?” Seulgi asks, throwing Yerim a look before returning her gaze to her girlfriend. “Park Chaeyoung?”


Joohyun nods. “Sooyoung overheard Sungjae and Chaeyoung back when they were in Japan. They both are conspiring to ruin Sooyoung and Seungwan’s relationship just so they can have them to themselves”


“Chaeyoung-unnie wouldn’t do that” Yerim whispers, shaking her head.


“Admit it or not, we are all willing to do even the cruelest thing in the name of love”


“Does Seungwan know?” Seulgi asks.


Joohyun turns to her girlfriend, shakes her head. “Sooyoung doesn’t want to ruin their friendship” she looks at Yerim. “She also said something about the three of you knowing Chaeyoung longer than her”


“Sooyoung-unnie didn’t tell us because she thinks we will side with Chaeyoung-unnie?”


Joohyun, again, shakes her head. “Sooyoung is more concerned that you would treat Chaeyoung differently if you knew what she’s trying to do”


“Why would she be concerned for the girl who is trying to sabotage her relationship?” Seulgi frowns.


Joohyun smiles. “Because if there’s one thing valuable to Sooyoung other than relationship, its friendship”








“Wannie” Sooyoung answers the call with a smile on her face.


“I’m sorry I was changing the sheets”


“Is it change your sheet day today?” Sooyoung chuckles.


“I need to change sheets frequently. Gotta keep my girl comfortable when she stays over”


Sooyoung laughs. “Your greasiness never fails to amuse me. I can see the convenient store, should I buy for us, or wait for you?”


“Wait for me please. I’m already out of the apartment. Give me 5 minutes”


“Alright, I love you”


“I love you too, Soo”


Sooyoung doesn’t know why she nodded even if Seungwan can’t see her, force of habit maybe. She giggles as she puts her phone inside her pocket then pushes the door open. She was greeted by the cashier which she returned with a smile.


Sooyoung told Seungwan to head home first since she will finish something with Joohyun (again, student council related matters). At first, Seungwan didn’t want to go home. She was willing to wait for Sooyoung so they can go home together but after too much coaxing–and realizing that she needs to change the sheets–Seungwan reluctantly went home ahead.


However, they did agree to meet up at the convenient store. It’s a movie night for them, they need chips, popcorn or whatever, basically they need snacks for movie night.


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