Chapter 23

What if Love
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Fr: unknown

I’m coming home

I can’t wait to see you




Seungwan knew who the sender was. She’s the only one coming home that she knows of, but because Sooyoung happened everything related to Chaeyoung slipped out of her mind. She’s too focused on Sooyoung to even dwell on the possibility of Chaeyoung going back after 3 years.


Seungwan restlessly taps her fingers on the table while her leg unconsciously shakes underneath. Yerim and Seulgi are at the counter buying their ice cream leaving her with Chaeyoung. Seungwan opens ready to break this suffocating atmosphere but her phone beat her to it.


🐥: got home safely 💚


Seungwan smiles, suddenly forgetting that she’s in a tense atmosphere. Her fingers immediately taps the screen of her phone for a reply.


🐿️: I’m with Yerim, Seulgi and Chaeyoung. We’re having ice cream.


🐥: Who’s Chaeyoung?


🐿️: Park Chaeyoung, childhood friend. I’ll tell you about her tomorrow


🐥: alright, no rush 😊 don’t stay up too late okay? call me when you get home


🐿️: I will. I love you Soo 💙


🐥: I love you too Wannie 😘


Seungwan beams after reading Sooyoung’s reply.


“You seem happy”


Seungwan looks up from her phone, Chaeyoung is looking at her with a small smile. Seungwan tries to control her big smile–which she’s failing miserably –then put the device back to her pocket. “Girlfriend”


The smiles on Chaeyoung’s lips almost vanished but she quickly masks it with a larger smile. “Wow. that’s…” she nods. “That’s amazing, you have a girlfriend”


“I know” Seungwan gushes, her cheeks reddening. “She’s amazing. I can’t ask for more”


Chaeyoung can’t stop the frown from showing. “You… you told me you would wait”


Seungwan’s expression hardened. “I could have if you gave me a reason to” she shakes her head. “I waited … I honestly waited but you can’t possibly expect for me to wait in blind. Chae you don’t call, you don’t text for three years”


Chaeyoung inhales deeply. She’s hurt because she honestly thought Seungwan is still waiting for her. Its selfish she knows, but a part of her believes that Seungwan kept her promise because Seungwan doesn’t break promises. That’s one of her personality but then again, no person can wait that long.


“I’m sorry”


Seungwan shaker her head. “There’s no need for apology, Chae. I just couldn’t wait for you but I’m still your friend”


“So Chae-unnie…” Yerim furrows her brows at the tense atmosphere she just broke. She keeps glancing at Seungwan and Chaeyoung. “Did I interrupt something?”


Seulgi shakes her head, sometimes Yerim can’t read the room. She passed an ice cream to Seungwan who mumbles a small thanks as she takes the treat.


“You didn’t, Yerim-ah” Chaeyoung smiles sweetly at the youngest. “Were you going to ask me something?”


Yerim eagerly nods. “Are you staying for good, unnie?”


Chaeyoung smiles bitterly. “I’m not. Just here for a couple of months then I’m going back to Australia to finish my studies”


Yerim pouts. “And here I thought we’re finally get to hang out with you. Everyone misses you, especially Seungwan-unnie”


Chaeyoung looks at Seungwan who nods, agreeing with Yerim. Seungwan will never deny the fact that she misses Chaeyoung, they are friends after all but all romantic feelings for the other girl had disappeared when Sooyoung came in the picture. Her heart now belongs to Sooyoung, and Sooyoung alone.


“We’ll hang while I’m here. how’s that sound?” Chaeyoung’s smiles at her once upon a time friends.


“That sounds fantastic, Chae” Seulgi smiles, her eyes forming a crescent shape. “I know its late but welcome home”


“Thank you, Seul”








Chaeyoung joined Seungwan and Seulgi’s circle in primary school.


It didn’t take long for Seungwan to fall for those caring touches and lovely smiles of Chaeyoung but she kept everything inside. She didn’t bother confessing because she’s scared of rejection. She was contented on being friends with Chaeyoung, but everything got messed up when Chaeyoung told them she’ll be leaving to study abroad.


Suddenly, Seungwan is not scared of rejection anymore because she’s more scared of losing Chaeyoung. And so, Seungwan made up her mind. She’ll confess to Chaeyoung. She’ll let her feelings known, she got nothing to lose since Chaeyoung is already moving away.


Seungwan wasn’t able to say her piece because Chaeyoung already know what she was about to say. After all, the feeling is mutual. Seungwan was both surprise and happy. She thought the outcome will turn out good but instead of a confession Chaeyoung made her promise to wait, and Seungwan did promise to wait for her first love.




“She’s your first love” Sooyoung smiles. She admits she felt a burn in her heart but it was quickly washed away when she felt Seungwan’s fingers brushing her hair affectionately.


They are currently on Seungwan’s couch with Sooyoung laying on top of Seungwan, her ear pressed firmly against Seungwan’s chest. Sooyoung might be looking at the television but she doesn’t know what’s happening in the movie they’re watching. She’s too focused on Seungwan and her story about Chaeyoung.


“Yes” Seungwan continues to mindlessly brush her fingers against Sooyoung’s hair, occasionally massaging the other girl’s scalp. She would always smile whenever Sooyoung would sigh or moan softly.


“Should I be worried?”


Seungwan shakes her head. “No. What we had is long gone. and I have you now”


Sooyoung smiles. She trusted Seungwan mainly because ever since she started talking about Chaeyoung her heart didn’t falter, not even for a second. Deciding to be naughty –and confirm something –Sooyoung runs her fingers over Seungwan’s arm seductively, the kind of move that will send chills down anyone’s spine, and Seungwan is not an excemption. It lighted a fire inside

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