Chapter 2

What if Love
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“Taeyeon-unnie I can’t believe you did that” Seungwan whined.


Taeyeon shrugs. “You were staring I had to call you out. I need to establish that I don’t have a favorite”


School has finally ended and this is their normal routine, normal for Seungwan, Seulgi and Yerim. Their favorite teacher who also happens to be Seulgi and Seungwan’s class adviser and Yerim’s cousin, Kim Taeyeon, tags along from time to time. Inside the school she’s Taeyeon-seonsaengnim, outside she’s Taeyeon-unnie for the three.


The kids might be this close to Taeyeon but inside the school they know how to set boundaries that even little devil knows not to cross.


“Why? What did Taeyeon-unnie do?” Yerim asks after putting a spoonful of ice cream inside .


“Seungwan was staring too much at their new classmate, Park Sooyoung” Taeyeon nonchalantly answers.


Yerim shakes her head in disappointment. “I expected that from Seulgi-unnie but not from you Seungwan-unnie”


“Hey!” Seulgi had to protest but Yerim choose to ignore her.


“You should seriously stop spending too much time with Seulgi-uunie you’re starting to become like her”




“I can’t blame her though” Taeyeon defended. “Sooyoung is really eye-catching, just like her cousin”


“Cousin?” Seungwan, Yeri and Seulgi asks in unison.


Taeyeon looks around the table in surprise. “Oh my. Did I say it out loud?” she chuckles. “Sooyoung is Joohyun’s cousin”


“Well that explains the motherly smile Joohyun was giving Sooyoung” Seungwan looks around the table and everybody is giving her a teasing smile. “What?”


“Not only were you checking Sooyoung out but you were also aware of the people around her” Yerim shakes her head. “That’s borderline creepy don’t you think”


“I wasn’t checking her out” Seungwan quickly defended. “I was just…”


“Ah-huh” Yerim isn’t convinced., not one bit. “And Seulgi-unnie isn’t attracted to Joohyun-unnie. Come on men! Even Tae-unnie thinks you were checking her out”


Taeyeon gave Seungwan an apologetic smile because Yerim just stated the words in her mind.


“Seulgi!” Seungwan look at her best friend. “Help me out dude”


Seulgi beams happily as she stuffed ice cream inside . “Seungwan-ah remember when you told me to be real with myself?”


Seungwan sighs. Of course she remembers, it was the time when Seulgi is going insane because she doesn’t know what is happening to her whenever Joohyun is near. That was her advice to the confused Seulgi but Seungwan doesn’t need advice, right? Because she’s not confuse, she’s in denial.


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